Macau Local Eats

Work is truly getting the better of me. But the great thing about being in another town for work is that my evenings are not occupied with errands and house chores… hehe. So another long overdue post on Macau… something on the local food this round.

Read about this place in Precious Pea’s and decided to look for it since it’s somewhat near where we were staying. It wasn’t difficult to locate despite being a bit hidden. The ladies manning the stall were doing brisk business and we quickly placed our order and sat down. From my stool, could see one of them busy snipping away at the thin rice sheets with her scissors. Apart from chee cheong fun, with or without siew mai (pork dumplings), there’s also plain porridge with gingko bits in them. Simple but hearty fare to start the day.

The plain chee cheong fun with all the sauces; a dash of oil, some sweet sauce, chilli, mustard, peanut sauce and lastly, sesame seeds. The sauces does make a very interesting combination for the tastebuds, and the rice rolls itself, silky soft despite being rolled too thickly together.

The one with siew mai wasn’t really exciting though coz the pork dumpling was too starchy and didn’t have the bouncy texture of fresh prawns and minced meat that I prefer. Furthermore the rice rolls were no different to the plain version, so I think it’s better to stick with the plain version instead.

As every local dining here had a bowl of this, we decided to follow suit. Very fine rice gruel with gingko bits which slid down the throat easily but was a tad too plain in comparison to what we’re used to. But it was a nice change indeed.

CCF Stall
Patio Do Cotovelo (德隆新街)
Directions here.


We were walking towards A Ma Temple when we took a quick detour into a local restaurant to have a quick bite to line our tummies. It was one of those places where the locals went to to catch up on each other’s news and discuss horse races. Hehe. Not wanting to overdo it, we only ordered a pot of tea and two dishes.

Steamed “Ma Tau” Fish. Not sure what it is exactly, but highly recommended by the lady proprietor as they don’t have this all the time. Very fresh indeed, and the texture of the flesh was firm and sweet. Loved the simplicity of the dish.

Steamed pork ribs. Pretty alright.

Overall, simple fare but interesting to soak in the local’s makan habits. 🙂

Keng Kei
Praca de ponte e horta



  1. i think sometimes in KL ,we are so use to eating strong tasting food hor? should be nice to have that milder gingko dessert for a change!

  2. J2Kfm said

    no wonder that ccf and porridge stalls were swarmed by the early morn crowd. we missed that, as initially planned to eat there on the last day.
    but rushing to the airport instead, and ate at the airport’s cafeteria.

    oh man …

  3. jason said

    Fish for breakfast?

  4. Christy said

    Agree, when we are travelling, the best part is to be a part of the local….go to the local haunts and eat the local junk…haha!! =)

  5. tehzeeb said

    i am writing to u as i am looking for someone to answer a few questions on macau. i would like to feature you in my magazine Jetstar Asia, the infligt magazine for Jetstar Asia Airlines. Please do let me know if you are interested.


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