A Lorcha, Macau.

I have heard of A Lorcha even before I arrived in Macau. Reputed to be one of the best Portugeuse/Macanese restaurants in Macau, one had to make a reservation to get a table. “A Lorcha” actually means a light Chinese sailing vessel, combining the best of both Chinese and European influences as it looks the latter, but is rigged like a Chinese junk. We spotted the restaurant with its sailing vessel illustrations as we were walking from our hotel towards A-Ma Temple and decided to try our luck. As it was already past lunch hour, we managed to get a table after a very short wait. And every table in the tiny restaurant was filled and the chatter of conversation was all we could hear.

The interior is a bit tight, but very cosy. And as we were one of the late lunchers, we managed to get a glimpse of an empty restaurant as we were leaving.

The complimentary bread rolls were frankly, quite a delight. Served warm, it was crusty yet pillowy-soft inside, it was perfect to mop up any sauces of any dish.

We had a salad to share and it was drenched in olive oil, which reminds me of the yummy Greek salads my uni housemate used to make. Generous amounts of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and olives maketh the crisp and fresh salad.

We had a portion of clams in white wine and I enjoyed dipping the bread into the broth. Bit too much parsley for a non-lover like me but still tasty with the sweetness of the clams.

Seeing how Bacalhau dishes is typically Portuguese, decided to try that. Bacalhau is normally referred to salt cod, or rather cod fish which has been dried and re-hydrated before being cooked. Served with a side serving of fresh salad and boiled spud, the fish was also topped with garlic slices. The fish itself still retained some of its saltiness, which was balanced by the potato therefore shedding light on the reason why the potato is used as a common accompaniment to the fish. The taste can be a tad strong if it’s your first time, so ordering the codfish cakes (bolinhos de bacalhau) would probably be a gentler introduction to the salt cod.

It was a really filling meal and we didn’t get to try other Portuguese favourites that were highly recommended such as the African chicken, or Rissois de Camarao (crescent-shaped shrimp parcels) etc. so another visit? Hehe. That seems to be my favourite line for Macau these days…

A Lorcha 船屋葡國餐廳
289, Rua do Almirante Sergio
Open: Wed-Mon 12:30-3pm and 6:30-11pm

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  1. macau macau.. i wonder when i will grace ur shores macau.. 😛

  2. Tracy said

    Hubby and I tried A Lorcha and we find it didn’t lived up to all the hype. Maybe it’s too commercialized, just like Fernando’s in Hac-Sa.
    But it’s still a nice place for tourists to have a taste of Macanese cousine =)

  3. Salt cod sounds absolutely inviting! I’m all for pungent fish so bring ’em on I say!

  4. J2Kfm said

    wow, you really did your research before going eh? 🙂
    i only went to Dumbo, which was packed, but food being a little … over-rated somehow.

    cant see the hype bout the bacalhau either. salted fish only …

  5. jason said

    So the Portugese seem to have salt-dried their fish as well?

  6. Gina said

    We walked by this restaurant too on our way to A-Ma Temple but then didn’t stop for a meal because it was about 10 am only.. so we ventured to the curry potato shop after a long walk around Penha Church. Will try this next time!

  7. Sugar Bean said

    Nice one, get to try out some local delicacies in Macau. Would love to try the clams, love the refreshing taste of parsley. 🙂

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