Restoran Bukit Tinggi BBQ

My colleague has mentioned this place at least five to six times in the past 6 months, which has really tickled my curiosity. But driving to Bukit Tinggi for dinner is something that has to be planned and some recommended dishes had to be pre-booked. And according to my colleague, the owner of this restaurant (a certain Mr. Chan) can be a wee bit on the eccentric side, and can choose not to serve you if you come after 8pm. So we played our cards right, gathered some foodies, called to reserve a table, pre-booked dishes and arrived before 6:30pm. I can’t remember when was the last time I had such an early dinner…

For those who know how to get to the Bukit Tinggi exit (with the shops flanking both sides of the Karak highway), you’ll probably notice the BHP petrol station too. And the restaurant is right behind the petrol station. The restaurant itself used to be part of the petrol station, and served as a car wash.

The interesting part of the restaurant is not of the organic vegetables growing behind it, but of the decor. Empty wine and liquor bottles line the “walls” of the restaurant and signed umbrellas are hung proudly from the ceiling. I can only wonder of the dust and dead insects that collect on and in the bottles and brollies respectively. Hehe.

First up was a rice dish, or named by the proprietors as “Wu Li Dan Dou Fan”. It’s not a pretty sight to be honest as it looked more like a jumble of leftovers poured over rice. But it tasted quite good, and had quite a lot of different types of vegetables in it, ranging from carrots, capsicums, pumpkin, cabbage, dried vegetables, brinjals, tomatoes, potatoes etc and some minced meat in it. The broth is light and I felt like I was a child again, eating rice flooded in soup. Hehe.

I was looking forward to the Seafood Pot (海鲜煲) most of all. Not your typical chinese seafood pot, but this served the seafood as simply as can be. An array of seafood, mostly crabs, prawns and clams (sometimes mussels and scallops too) is steamed over clear stock and thus, most of the seafood essence is retained as it drips into the stock. The whole steamer pot is served unto the table and it’s delightful tucking into the fresh seafood. Then when the seafood is cleared off, the waitress whisks away the pot and adds leafy vegetable and oyster mushrooms into the stock before re-serving it as vegetable soup. A 2 in 1 deal, but for a rather steep price of RM95. Still this was one of the clear winners with all of us.

Another highly rated dish was the BBQ Lamb rack. As they don’t make a lot of this dish, we were reminded to pre-book to avoid disappointment. We liked the combined taste of the smokey skin and the juicy meat and when paired with the self-concocted mint sauce (which was tangy and apetite whetting!), it absolutely heavenly. However, when the lamb rack cooled down, it didn’t taste as good anymore. So I would say, tuck in as soon as this is served! Also one of the pricier dishes, at RM90 for this portion. And judging from the number of wine bottles here, this would be a perfect pairing with the wine.

We also had the Sea Salt Crusted Tilapia (雪山飞狐)which was another winner with all. Some of them are especially sensitive to the “muddy taste” of freshwater fishes but there was none of that here. The fish is stuffed with red onions, chestnuts, garlic and green chilli which seems to add to the flavour. And of course the presentation was a plus as the salt crusted scales were peeled open to depict the “snowy mountain flying fox” bit. Hehe.

When we asked for a chicken dish over the phone, we were only given one choice, the signature chicken dish. It does seem that the owner, or chef is highly confident of their style of cooking as most the dishes are only prepared in ONE way, apart from the fish, which can be steamed as well. Anyhow was a tad surprised to see the BBQed chicken served with gravy. But it was quite tasty, and the meat was easy to tear off and had soaked up the gravy to become very flavourful.

Who would have thought Green Chillies could become a dish in itself? But this came highly recommended again so we decided to go for it. The chillies are stripped clean of the seeds and caramelised in a special house sauce which is a sweetish blend of dark sauces. The big chillies were crunchy at first bite and had only a mild spiciness to it. At first it tasted too “green” for me despite my penchant for spicy food. But the more I had them, the more I started to enjoy this. And the sauce coating them was the key to the enjoyment of this dish so make sure your chilli is properly coated to fully appreciate the blend of flavours.

The entire dinner for our table came up to RM341 which is somewhat expensive but when you really think about it, the style of cooking is also unique to this restaurant and somewhat justifies the cost. I’m sorry I didn’t breakdown the cost of the other dishes but the bill is somewhat encoded with only symbols and scribbles which just doesn’t make much sense to us. Definitely eccentric, the people behind this place. Lol.

Restoran Bukit Tinggi BBQ 武吉丁宜烧烤村
PT 15792 & 15793, Jalan Bukit Tinggi,
28750 Bentong, Pahang.
Tel: 09-233 0330/ 012-3577111

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  1. Chin said

    Your post reminds me to return ASAP. The price seems to have gone up but not the dynamism. Green chilis as a dish is one of them but it is akin to getting someone to walk on fire!

  2. J2Kfm said

    indeed VERY unique, as almost none of those are staples of the average Chinese restaurants.

    especially the Wu Li Dan Dou Fan. hahaha ..what a name. surely a hit with the kids!

  3. boo_licious said

    oooh, it looks so good. Bkt Tinggi has so many restaurants, one must spend time to explore each one.

  4. yea, lambs weird like dat hor.. i hate it when the white bits coagulate as fat! eek.. and it hs to be pipping hot!

  5. jason said

    The rice dish sure hits me with the quirky name. 🙂
    But just to have the green chillies as a dish of its own seems… weird to me.

  6. yeah, it’s hard to make plans for dinner some time, especially when the intended destination is quite far away.
    But then, I always drive to and back from KL… (I’m fr Pahang by the way), so I can afford to stop and dine in this area 🙂 will go there one day. Thanx for the info

  7. gina said

    I live so near also never bother to try. Hahaha! Must find kakis to go!

  8. Agnes said

    Yay~~~~ Bentong food!! I am from Bentong and I visited here b4. I like the 雪山飞狐 bcoz can taste the original taste of the fish! 1st time when the fish being serve my family dunno how to eat the fish.haha

  9. Haha…what a cool name for the rice dish!!

  10. intriguing! the place, the food and the owner. will recommend it to my makan kakis

  11. rokh said

    the rice looks interesting! would try it if i ever swing by again

  12. ew said

    very nice….like it..and taste good!

  13. syen said

    Hi, i just tried it out today,thanks for the info and the latest address i found from receipt is
    Restoran Makanan Laut Bukit Tinggi BBQ 武吉丁宜海鲜烧烤村
    Address: Lot No HS 1830 PT 3338,Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang Darul Makmur.

    I will post this on my blog too and add a link to your blog since you had did a clear post on it. Hope u don’t mind.

  14. […] My bittbitt (bf) brought me to Bukit Tinggi today, dropped by this restaurant for lunch when we were on the way. My colleagues Anne highly recommented this restaurant few times, she said it is a must try. This restaurant is very easy to find too, just take the exit before to bkt tinggi (from KL), and it is just located behind the BHP petrol station. Sea Salt Crusted Tilapia (雪山飞狐) – RM28 BBQ Chicken(1/2 chicken) – RM28 Wu Li Dan Dou Fan – RM15 (Serve with a lots vegetables and rice) I think i will find another day to visit this restaurant again with more friends so that I could tryout more dishes. Dishes to try out soon would be: Seafood Pot (海鲜煲), BBQ Lamb rack For more info,you may refer this blog as I found it had information info for this restaurant. ( […]

  15. sim said

    we just been there last weekend, the price have been shot up, a river fish cost RM144 just for the head portion only, and the seafood pot cost RM120 for 10 pax, the services is not friendly! it cost us RM400 for a lunch. bill in symbol make us dun know the breakdown!

  16. Adrian said

    Honestly, the people who regular here must be either very loyal or fools. The 1 hour 20 minute long wait was complete appalling to me, and when I complained to the staff he simply answered, “Memang like that one lah”. With the prices of this restaurant comparable to those Michelin 3 star restaurants in Hong Kong, I was expecting food that would indeed be from a different kettle of fish(no pun intended). Instead, when the food came it was only ordinary dishes, nothing that really blew me away. More so, the setting of the restaurant was horribly appalling, although the wine glasses on the side might make for some eye candy, the insufficient lighting and inadequate protection from flies and mosquito proved to be disappointing. Truthfully speaking, the food was actually quite good, but not something where you can’t get in a normal restaurant in KL, therefore not worth the 45 minute drive all the way to Bukit Tinggi.

    To sum it up, although this restaurant has several good dishes, the appallingly poor service, long wait and poor setting proved to outweigh the quality of food served there.

  17. Wei leng said

    Strongly do not recommend this restaurant. Nothing special about the food and service is lousy. The boss is arrogant and has no manners towards customer. The boss forced us to order 4 dishes, saying that if we didn’t order enough or order now, he will not entertain us after the first round of order. He mentioned he will only take 1 round of order. Waited for 45 mins for my food to be served and other people who came later than us with no booking already got their food served. Probably we didn’t order expensive stuff hence the service rendered to us was sub standard. We originally ordered 1 Wu Li Dan Dou Fan for 2 persons, 1 BBQ lamb rack and 1 plate of green chillies. The boss insist not enough for both of us and we have no choice but to accept his recommendation for their specialty tauhu. When the foods were served after long wait, it was way too much. We were too full and in the end, we can’t finish it and wasted the tauhu. Anyway, nothing is special about food especially the tauhu, they are just steamed and topped with fried eggs. Price is so expensive and it’s really not worth it. Pls go somewhere else for food if u happens to be at Bukit Tinggi, this restaurant is definately not recommended. Trust me..

  18. The boss is a crap.. No manner.. His girl sent us the wrong food from other customer which we didnt order. We ask for check we order the food or not.. He yelling to us and said “if dont want eat just take back the food”.. Shit ass, he makes mistake but didnt appolozies to us..
    Uneducated person with low class service… Never and ever go again..

    • angrybird said

      You dont allow to park your car inside
      You dont allow to make a booking, late you are out
      You dont allow to be seated in a comfortable table. You have to be shared in a 8 seat table with 11 ppl.
      Very bad services apek and chinese antie
      I have no mood to eat you foods

  19. Nelly said

    I don’t drop many remarks, however i did a few searching and wound up here Restoran Bukit Tinggi BBQ she, the epicuriousgirl.. And I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright.
    Could it be simply me or does it appear like some of these comments come across as if they are coming from brain dead people?

    😛 And, if you are posting at other places, I’d like to follow everything new you have to post. Would you list of the complete urls of your community pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  20. Ng said

    The service there very very bad especially the owner, if his restaurant in KL I think he cannot survive……. Never return…….

  21. Michael Low said

    are they selling pork……..

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