Elegant Inn 1st Anniversary : Dinner & Wine Pairing

After all those posts on HK cuisine, am sure many of you are wanting to get your hands on some eh? Well, there’s one place you can head to, i.e. Elegant Inn, the very same place that treated us to a very scrumptious and unforgettable lunch earlier this year.

Well-known for their refined Cantonese dishes, the Menara Hap Seng outlet is quite delightful as it boasts a terrace with the KLCC view.

They are celebrating their first anniversary this year and have come up with a special deal in the form of a “Heavenly Pairing Wine-Dinner” in conjunction with it.

For RM228 nett per pax on 15th May 2009 (Friday), you get to sample their signature dishes as below;

– HK Salt & Pepper Silverfish and Homemade Tofu
Deep fried White bait fish and homemade tofu tossed with a house spice mix of salt, pepper, chillies, fresh and fried garlic. Crispy with no hint of grease.
– Australian Scallop Bacon Roll
Fresh Australian scallops with streaky bacon, lightly pan fried and served on a lettuce leaf.

paired with Domaine Faiveley Bourgogne Aligoté 2006

– Shark’s Fin Dumpling in Superior Broth

– E.I. Signature Braised Estuary Garoupa in Claypot
Bite size pieces of giant estuary garoupa is fried then braised with a combination of house superior sauce, mushroom, dates, roasted pork belly and bamboo shoots. And as a final touch, a dash of Chinese wine for that extra oomph.
– E.I. Signature Fried Rice
Laboriously prepared, this is a definite must try of the “dancing rice” that is constantly tossed by the chefs. Trust me, the taste is well worth the waiting time.

paired with Stonier’s Pinot Noir 2006

– Japanese Kobe Beef E.I. Garlic Style
Top grade Kobe beef cubed and fried till medium well with garlic in their specialty house sauce. Succulent and bursting with flavours.
– E.I. Signature Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Salted Vegetables
A dish that combines the flavours of sweet, sour, bitter and spice in perfect balance. Simple but tantalising.

paired with Le Macchiole Paleo 2004

– E.I. Steamed Custard Cake
Steamed Chinese sponge cake with layered homemade custard cream that is light, fluffy and melts in your mouth.
– Crispy Avocado Roll
Creamy blended avocado wrapped in strands of filo pastry and deep fried for that crunchy bite before the creamy goodness oozes out.

As seats are reserved on a first come first serve basis, please call Ms.Tila at +603 7490 8880 or email rsvp@millennium.net.my to take advantage of this great deal.

And to add, I recently received an email from a reader who has moved here from HK telling me that his HK visitors rated Elegant Inn highly for their fresh and tasty dim sum. So, if you can’t make it for their anniversary wine pairing dinner, there’s always morning yum cha sessions to look forward to! 😀

Ps: Have just been informed that Elegant Inn Hong Kong Cuisine is shortlisted for Asia’s first independent restaurant guide, The Miele Guide for its 2009/2010 edition.


  1. Gina said

    Fuah… this sounds like some Chinese fine dining! 😀

  2. Sugar Bean said

    Even good for its dim sum? Sounds like a good Chinese restaurant. But pricey. The menu seems interesting.

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