Selayang Noteworthy

I’ve been told by Gina that Selayang (士拉央) has their fare share of memorable hawker food. So over the Labour Day weekend, I found myself driving down to Selayang to sample some of them.

This “extension” unto the alleyway between a mamak and Wendy’s Cake House at Jalan 16 was packed with people. A closer look at the awning and t-shirts the waiting staff wore told me that this is Kam Kei Noodles Shop (金记面家). The specialty here is of course noodles, and can be served in claypot ware as well. For pan mee (板面), one can opt to have it tossed dry (干捞), with clear soup or curry gravy. They also have yee meen (伊面), or lou shu fun (老鼠粉).

The dry tossed Claypot Pan Mee using fine noodles, well mixed with the blend of soy sauce and other condiments, with one egg and topped with sliced char siew and minced meat. Similar to claypot lou shu fun with the difference lying only on the choice of noodles. But the noodles sure made a difference as it was springy and firm to bite. And when coated with the egg, yum!

The Claypot Lou Shu Fun had extra bean sprouts and looked paler in comparison. The flavours and taste was less prominent than the fine noodles, but delicious all the same.

They also have Meat Balls and Foochow Fish Balls (濑尿丸 and 福州鱼丸) with fillings in them. We ordered some and the pork balls with the filling inside was really good. I felt like I was eating a very juicy xiao long bao but with more bite. At 80 cents each.

Our meal came up to RM16 for all the above, including drinks. Very satisfying start indeed.

Jalan 16, Selayang Jaya,
Batu Caves,
68100 Selangor


After a drive around Selayang and a movie, we headed for the Selayang Medan Selera for fried rice and lala jien (lala clam omelette). The stall is numbered no.30 and is the first one on your right at the entrance. The best indication of whether the stall is open or not is to see if the rojak pushcart is parked by the Medan Selera. If it is, chances that the stall is open is very high.

Quite a lot of the tables were filled up with customers eating the fried rice and omelette despite the heat. That alone, looks promising. Hehe.

The Lala omelette which looks like the choy po (preserved radish) omelette. Very different from it’s wetter, starchier oyster omelette cousin but this particular one is very eggy and best of all, not oily. The clams used are of the small types though, as you will find in lala beehoon.

The fried rice sure lived up to its fame. Stir fried with egg, spring onions and prawns, it was light, fluffy and not oily. No clumpy rice here, but separate, firm rice grains. Simple, but good.

30, Medan Selera
Taman Selayang Jaya,
Batu Caves,
68100 Selangor.
Open: Lunchtime only.



  1. Gina said

    Eh. I think the claypot pan mein address is Selayang Jaya, not Baru. 😀 Glad you enjoy the makan. Got a lot more we have not sample, the vegetarian shop, the anson chee cheong fun, the buttered pork rib, the salad prawn, the chilli pan mein, the chicken, char siew, siew yuk, siew ngap shop, etc. LOL! Come again!

  2. woaychee said

    seriously the fried rice is nice

  3. Nic (KHKL) said

    i definitely agree that selayang boasts a good number of makans. there’s a famous hokkien mee stall at the selayang market as well. opens at night. but i cant remember the name or the address! argghh! hmm, selayang utama area, i think.

  4. mimi said

    I thought Selayang is a boring place coz I end up dined in Old Town coz cannot get any restaurant that attract me 😦 But after ur recommendation I will give it a 2nd chance 😛

  5. Agnes said

    Claypot lau shu fen looks yummy oo…drooling

  6. Chin said

    Never knew such good stuff is found in Selayang. I did eat in Selayang Mall before but nothing memorable. Looks like good food here. Thanks.

  7. simple is good! and the foochow balls.. im surprised the filling looks so good( can actually see the diff bits inside!)

  8. boo_licious said

    I love the fried rice and the lala-chien – but the wait can be quite long though. The rojak man in front is good too and somewhere inside, I love the assam laksa stall also. Loads of good food in Selayang as it is mainly a Teochew enclave.

  9. jason said

    The yee mee sure looks delectable!

  10. amy chin said

    I used to lived in Selayang. Moved to Kulim five years ago. Will occasionally make a trip down to visit my parents who are still living there. The hawker food in that area posted is very familiar to me. Often had meals as family there. I must say that the quality has dipped so much. The foochow balls are really awful. The meat flavour was too strong and overwhelming. Looks good but taste yucky! Sorry to say the opposite. The noodle just so-so only. There are restaurants in Selayang which are still good. Coco restaurant in taman bidara and selayang mall paparich.

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