Shinchan Ramen, Solaris KL

I actually still have Macau food adventures pending to share but I am going to shelve it for another day. Was driving around the rather empty Solaris one evening looking for a place to eat when I spotted this ramen joint which probably had the most patrons.

The place looks quite modern, with long cement washed tables on one side and booth seats on the other. Liberal use of mirrors for spatial illusion. But what attracted me most was probably the mosaic artwork of different bowls of ramen on the wall. So intricate and detailed.

For our appetiser, we had the Chimi Mori (RM18 ), a combo of 4 items including jellyfish shreds, scallop shreds, baby octopus and another octopus side dish. Quite nice, but a couple were a tad salty, would have tasted nicer with sushi rice maybe?

We also Yasai Kerokke or vegetable croquettes. As per Japanese croquettes, it was light and not greasy but I was disappointed with the mixed vegetables inside them, which were of the frozen variety. Probably not worth the RM15 price tag.

My friend opted for the Buta Don or Pork Bowl (RM15 ) which is similar to the Gyudon (beef bowl) as the pork slivers were stir fried with onion, spring onions and various condiments including sugar, soy sauce and sake. Quite delicious.

I chose Chuka Don (RM18 ) which is like a Cantonese man fan (ē„–é„­). Meat and seafood stir-fried with mixed vegetables with a liberal amount of gravy poured on the rice. It was quite tasty though I am not sure how genuinely Japanese it was.

On promotion was their ice cream which was a Buy 1 Free 1 deal so we had the green tea and sesame one.

Even though food was quite tasty on the whole, I felt more like I was eating Japanese influenced tai-chow instead of authentic Japanese fare which was probably due to the dishes we ordered. Didn’t even try a single bowl of ramen here. Haha. So if I happen to come back for a return visit, will def. want to try the ramen for a fairer review.

Shin Chan Ramen (www)
19, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris Mount Kiara, KL.
Tel: 03 6203 6998
Open daily 11am -10pm

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  1. mimi said

    Ha, I thought u will try the Ramen šŸ˜›

  2. Have driven pass this place before. Tempted to try the ramen here. Maybe I will. The jap restaurant upstairs is pretty good too.

  3. vialentino said

    hi hi..nice foodie blog and like the food here….thanks for the recommendation

  4. Gina said

    Shin Chan? You mean the humsup comic child character ah? Hahaa!

  5. jason said

    That’s a good excuse to go back again šŸ˜‰

  6. we wana see macau’s food picture. hurry up (demanding*) haha

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