Hong Kong Cha Chan Tengs

We’re finally coming to an end with my HK food posts and this will feature the HK version of our kopitiams or cha chan tengs (茶餐厅) as they are widely known. They serve all sorts of food, from the humble toast to sandwiches, and now noodle dishes, including instant noodle variants. And what better drink to pair up with these than the milky tea HK’s famous for?

Hong Kong Day (香港地) is located at just next to Madame Tussaud’s at The Peak. Brilliant location and also great for us to rest our weary feet after doing the wax museum tour.

Had hot lemon in this eye catching cup which is probably proudly sponsored by the brand. Hehe. I did have a cup of their milky tea towards the end of the meal, and it was rather creamy and rich.

Pork chop with onion sauce and rice. We were not very hungry to be honest, but wanted to try their special of the day so shared this.

Food was alright, prices are a tad on the high side considering the location but it was really the location that swung the deal for us. Could rest our feet while people watching… rather hilarious watching the antics of those posing with Bruce Lee (one of the wax celebrities you didn’t have to pay to see as it was outside the museum).


We were hunting for breakfast around the Tsim Tsa Tsui area and could only spot fast food chains or 7-11s that were open. Somehow, we stumbled upon Yuen Kee (源记茶餐厅).

Polo Bao (菠萝包) which has no pineapple in it. Only called one because of the pattern on the bun’s top that resembles a pineapple’s rind. The crackly pattern comes from the light topping made of sugar and butter and the bun itself is soft and mildly sweet and particularly yummy when paired with a slab of melting butter.

My egg and corn beef sandwich. Sliced white bread here is soft and fluffy, as if it had been “steamed” before used. They’re good at cooking eggs at this consistency which I haven’t managed to master 😛

Everyone’s favourite – egg and luncheon meat sandwich. Simple, but satisfying. 🙂

Yuen Kee (源记茶餐厅)
27, Kimberly Road,
Tsim Tsa Tsui,
Hong Kong.

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  1. J2Kfm said

    good stuff. breakfast in HK is such a joy.

  2. mimi said

    The egg filling of sandwich is full to the brim!!!

  3. Hi I found you from a Newstin.com link. I read (okay, scanned) all of your posts going back to March and now I’m desperately hungry for HK food! Badly need a vacation (grandparents live there and I know it well) so thanks a bunch for giving me a look…

    So you’re Malaysian Chinese hm? Marry me? :-b

  4. allie said

    I dine at Hong Kong Day during my HK trip too! wow! you make me miss HK food so much la.. drooling..

  5. gen.u.ine.ness said

    I find it interesting that when foreigners go to HK they are intrigued by the cha chan teng’s there. My sis, especially, when she goes insists on dining at these places although I am honestly not a fan. (Sorry, cheese baked ox tongue egg fried rice is just a step too far, and not because of the ox tongue). Funny enough, when I asked my gf about them, she says she never goes to them (even though she eats out practically every day). I wonder if indeed it is just one of those touristy things…???

  6. cant say we care much for the CCT in msia. How are the ones in HK? better?

  7. we just came back from a very fruitful (in terms of food!) trip in hk! we think that the best cct has to be australian dairy co. (yummmmmmm) cant wait to post it up too haha

  8. p/s: whoa this nick guy is proposing to u O_o

  9. gina said


  10. corn beef and omelette sandwich?? idea idea..

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