Hyotan Japanese Restaurant, SS15

Am going to take a breather off my HK food posts and write about something closer to home. Hehe.

Further down the shops where Japanese restaurants like Tomoe, Rakuzen in SS15 are, is another Japanese restaurant by the name of Hyotan. The signage has a bottle gourd (葫芦) on it, which makes it easy to spot. Word has it that the owner of this place used to be partners with Shun’s current owner but they have since gone their separate ways.

Upon entering through the side door at the entrance area, we can spot the sushi bar, and a row of booth seats facing shelves holding Japanese liquor bottles. Each booth seat was separated by imitation shoji screens and on the wall of each table was a little alcove housing the condiment tray and also a calling button device to get attention.

We were quite intrigued with the Maguro Tataki (RM32), which is tuna that was grilled lightly on one side. The presentation was nice too, with every slice of tuna placed on top some soba noodles and garnished with some greens before being drizzled with a sauce which had a light wasabi flavour to it for that extra kick.

The Aji No Umeshiro Roll Maki Age (RM20 ) or deep fried fish with plum sauce was also quite tasty. The fish had a coarser texture and was a tad salty for me, but it made for a good snack. The plum sauce however is not what I was expecting as it was more of the plum powder you find with cut fruits with some lemon to dip. Think it would have been nicer to have the chinese plum sauce as an accompaniment.

We also had a portion of Shiromi Zakana no Carpaccio (RM28 ), or fish carpaccio served with plum & vinegar dressing. This was quite nice but I can’t help wonder if the fish was somehow overly cured or thawed too often given the texture of the fish. Also the slivers of green leaf were of some strong herb which overshadowed the taste and flavours of the dressing a little as the aftertaste was so prominent.

The Ika Geso Kara Age (RM16) or deep fried squid was light and satisfying.

We also ordered a portion of Salmon No Ethnic Age (RM16) which is deep fried curried salmon sticks. It was served with curried mayo and was quite nice though one can’t really taste the texture of salmon in the sparse filling.

Some of us had Temakis or handrolls (ranging from RM8 to 10) and salmon sashimi (RM 30/portion). Quite fresh but this is a portion and a half, so expect less slices if you’re ordering one portion only.

Saba Shioyaki Set (RM22). Can’t go wrong with grilled Saba fish in my opinion.

We shared a scoop of Green Tea (RM10) and Sesame ice cream (RM12) respectively but the quality of ice-cream is rather poor here in comparison to other Japanese restaurants. Not much of green tea flavour and the sesame one had mini icicles! Not very pleasant to have.

We had quite an enjoyable meal here but after 2 dining companions complained of some slight food poisoning, we are a wee bit more dubious on the hygiene. But then, the remaining 2 of us didn’t have any symptoms, so I wonder if it’s our stronger stomachs or if they had something else that were off. But since the seed of doubt has been planted, none of the others are in a hurry to re-visit. Unfortunate huh?

Hyotan Japanese Restaurant
63, Jalan SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya.

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  1. Sugar Bean said

    We’ve been to both Shun and Tomoe but have yet to explore Hyotan. The food looks quite well presented, looks quite delicious to us. But food poisoning? Oops, gonna reconsider visiting this restaurant.

  2. boo_licious said

    I had a quick and simple meal here once, just one of the rice dishes and wasn’t too impressed though. Maybe I shld reconsider since these items look interesting.

  3. with all of them open so close to each other, can go for japanese rest hopping around there

  4. J2Kfm said

    erm, 2 got food poisoning, 2 none?
    50% chance. rather risky lah …….

    and the food looks rather lacklustre though.

  5. abbot said

    The food look so appetizing.

    Just wondering… with all these indulgences, do you have any problems with body mass index?

  6. Had been staying in Subang for quite some time but not once I tried JApanese restaurant here… lol!!!
    Sabar… the day will come

  7. malaysia is fast becoming thejap food expert yar? maybe coz its so easy to sell.. have not been here tho..

  8. Agnes said

    Eiii that’s so near my house, maybe I should go there makan and try out the food there la. I’m decidedly inspired after those beautiful pictures! hehe.

  9. Pinortle said

    Hi fellas!

    I’ve just signed up epicurious.wordpress.com and wanna say hi to all the guys/gals of this board!

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