Hong Kong snacks & fast food.

In a city as fast paced as Hong Kong, even mealtimes for some are a hurried affair and shops and stalls selling snacks everywhere. the ubiquitous HK snack is of course the curry fish balls which we tried in Macau. What we were really curious about was the famed stinky tofu. Headed to Mongkok as we were told there are some to be found near the Ladies’ Market.

The stall selling all kinds of yummy skewered snacks that we stumbled upon on at Sai Yong Choi Street (西洋菜街)just next to this noodle shop, Weng Yuen (荣园面家 at 香港旺角西洋菜南街60号地下).

The stinky tofu was actually quite tasty. It didn’t reek as much I expected it to (in fact, couldn’t smell it until i put it close to my nose), and tasted quite alright. Bit creamy and no pungent aftertaste. In fact, my next snack was probably more strong in flavour.

I was told that the stinky tofu vendors had to to “tone down” the smell after residents around the flats complained about their clothes started smelling like the snack and a court actually ruled a vendor in violating the rights of others to fresh and clean air in 2000. Hmmm.

My deep fried pork intestines. For some this is an acquired taste, and for some this is a sliver of heaven on a stick. The light, crunchy skin, with the tasty and juicy flesh inside… mhmm.

Another place that has yummy and various snacks is the 7-Eleven convenience store. From freshly steamed baos, curry fish balls, microwavable food ranging from dim sum to rice bowls. The variety is mind boggling! But I was determined to try at least one rice bowl during my trip. And the best bit, 7-11 is opened 24/7 so one can have these rice bowls anytime of the day.

Chose the rice with minced pork cake and salted fish (咸鱼肉饼饭). It actually tasted pretty good though the rice was a tad dry for my liking. Maybe I missed on some sauce that was supposed to go with it. But the meat was very well flavoured.

And somehow I love checking out what fast food chains like McDonald’s and KFC serves when I am overseas. Most of the items are the same, with some variations.

This is the “Mala” (Spicy) Grilled Pork Burger set, also served with twister fries. Not sure if this is a promotional CNY thing as there was some cutesy chinese zodiac characters printed on the fries holder.

Rather similar to our Prosperity Burger, but just that the patty’s make is different. And the sauce looks fiery red, but tasted quite mild. However I think the sauce didn’t quite cut it and the burger was quite messy to handle. Hehe. The twister fries were my favourite part of the meal. 😛

Honestly even though we weren’t that keen on McD’s anymore, we did end up there another time and this time, we tried the Grilled chicken burger and the Yam Pie. I preferred the chicken burger to the pork one as it was the real deal using chicken thigh meat, and not processed meat. Quite tender and juicy.

I love yam on the whole but I wouldn’t recommend the yam pie. The cubed yam isn’t very appetising and the sauce is too purple to not have had colouring added to it.

other review on HK Mc’D’s ; a chef’s wife.

We were at Citygate in Lantau Island when we wanted a snack and to rest our weary feet. Popped into KFC and found out that apart from fried chicken and burgers, KFC in HK served BBQ honey chicken wings, chicken a la king rice etc. And their side orders includes mushroom rice, corn cobette, honey biscuit, borsch soup, crisscut fries etc including the usual mash and salad.

As we wanted only a snack, we had the wings and a portion of the crisscut fries, and added on a promotional item called “Fish Pop” which was served in a fish box. Hehe. The wings were not bad!

Fish pop is actually miniature fish nuggets like chicken popcorn. Was quite good but portion was kinda small. Less than 10 to go around.

We had crepes at Marion crepes at the Galleria whilst we were waiting for the sunset at the peak. Marion Crepes originates from Harajuku, Tokyo and serves both sweet and savoury crepes. They feature quite a lot of food replicas of their crepes and they all look so enticing!

we chose a savoury one to share and it had chicken, cream cheese and salsa sauce. The crepe was freshly made so it was warm and fragrant. Quite delish.

As we had a set, a lemonade and side salad is part of the meal. the lemonade was so bland it tasted like water and the side salad, despite looking good was very dry which indicated that the vegetables were sliced much much earlier.

Anyhow, if I were to return to HK again, I’ll definitely try more of their street snacks and 7-11 offerings!



  1. always wanted to try the stinky toufu but no guts ( and there is little that scares me actually when it comes to food.. so.. haha)

    epicuriousgirl says: now i’m really curious as to what scares you 😛

  2. Being somewhere foreign is always a good excuse for a fast food spree! Grilled chicken thigh meat at McDs and KFC’s BBQ honey chicken wings… yes those would complete me, I think.

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, i think generally just being overseas is a good excuse to forget any diet and just dig in! 😛

  3. J2Kfm said

    oh no wonder no stench at all!

    and the block of tofu kinda big. heavier than a snack ….

    though I kinda wished it was stinkier though … like the ones in our pasar malam. =P

    epicuriousgirl says: i still haven’t tried the m’sian ones!! the portion of stinky tofu was for us to share… so i didn’t think it too heavy a snack 😛

  4. omg, so many delicious things in one single post. my head is spinning.
    first of, the stinky tofu: so THAT’S what it looks like! my taiwanese friends keep on talkin and talkin about it and I have yet had the courage to try it. now I must.
    McDonalds and KFC: I heard the KFC in china (not sure about HK) is considered quite high-class! I love looking at the slight variations of the Mcdonalds and KFC in different countries too!
    7-eleven: theirs put ours to shame.
    crepe: WOW! I LOVE crepes, that’s awesome that they have a chain in sginapore too! I’m gonna check that out. now, if only they had one in america, too…(my permanent home)

    epicuriousgirl says: good to know that you enjoyed the post! stinky tofu is rather different in Taiwan and HK. The Taiwanese version is braised instead of deep fried and stinks a bit more. But still, no strange aftertaste to me.

    and glad to know i’m not the only one who enjoys checking out fast food chains overseas 🙂

  5. gina said

    Wah… the rice bowl from 7-11 actually looks appetizing! 😀 Yeah! Let’s go HK again sometime soon! 😀

    epicuriousgirl says: yes! let’s 😀

  6. jason said

    I always like to visit the KFC/McD overseas to see what they have to offer. Particularly BKK cos they have pork at McD 😛

    epicuriousgirl says: Haha, i think we were also curious to see what porky stuff they had here… the burger wasn’t so nice though. the original Macau pork bun wins by miles.

  7. mimi said

    I wish our 7-11 will have those food too~~

    epicuriousgirl says: our 7-11 outlets have much to learn from the ones in HK & Taiwan when it comes to choice of fast, convenient foodstuff ler.

  8. Simon Seow said

    Ah, my favourite stinky tofu and fried intestine. I remembered I ate a stick of those and also a bowl of mixed pork organ soup.

    epicuriousgirl says: yummy stuff huh? 🙂

  9. […] the night we tried stinky tofu at Mongkok, we also tried the noodle shop, Weng Yuen next to it before we headed back for our hotel to call it […]

  10. Stevia : said

    due to the busy schedules from work, most people would just prefer to eat on fastfoods “

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