Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

Idyllic Lamma Island

Even before I planned my HK trip itinerary I knew I wanted to head over to Lamma Island (南丫島). Afterall, quaint, peaceful, tranquil etc has all been used to describe this charming island. Furthermore, it’s only a 35 min ferry ride away from Hong Kong (Pier 4 at Central ) which we shared with mostly Caucasian kids and their Filipino maids (before realizing Lamma island is a haven for expats!). Our afternoon there was probably one of the most memorable excursion during our 4 day HK break where even the foggy weather we encountered gave way to clear blue skies. Reached the northern village, Yung Shue Wan (榕樹湾 or Banyan Tree Bay) and followed the picturesque walking trail towards the eastern village of Sok Kwu Wan (索罟湾). Due to the gorgeous weather, we decided to take a break near one of the pavilions along the trail to watch the sunset and it was definitely a humbling experience to see the island washed aglow in the golden light.

Most of the shops along the main street of Yung Shue Wan village sold food or souvenirs. We passed by this fella selling Egg Waffle Balls (鸡蛋仔), Waffles and Takoyaki balls and opted for the egg balls @ HKD 10 per portion.

The egg waffle balls were pretty interesting as it had a slight crisp crunch to it, yet was somewhat chewy and soft on the inside. Probably not the best in HK, but it sure made a nice snack as were walking down the street.

Having read on a touristy pamphlet that Lamma Island had great tofu fah (豆腐花), we spotted this eatery on the main street and decided to have tea here. Only one table was occupied by a bunch of locals and they were talking at the top of their voices but that only added to the charm of Lamma Island.

Had to have the specialty and ordered the tofu fah and leong fun (凉粉). The syrup on the tofu fah had a orangey-red tinge to it which we later found out was due to the ginger. Even the sugar was in the same shade of colour! Very smooth and not too sweet. And the leong fun was very refreshing.

As we made our way towards Hung Shing Yeh beach, we spotted this shack also selling tofu fah and then only realised that this was the famous Ah Po Tofu Fah that was mentioned. Haha. But we were quite pleased with what we had earlier and didn’t stop by.

Continued our walk and Hung Shing Yeh beach was gorgeous. Couldn’t resist climbing the rocks (even though I slipped and scratched my Ixus badly hence its new nickname – Scratchy) and sitting on them while soaking our feet in the ice cold water. By the time we reached Sok Kwu Wan after our few detours, it was already getting dark. Sok Kwu Wan is less picturesque than Yung Shue Wan as it’s more of a fish farm, lined with seafood restaurants. Even the ferries don’t run a frequent enough service here in comparison to Yung Shue Wan.

We still decided to experience seafood dining the HK way while waiting for the next ferry and chose Rainbow Seafood Restaurant (天虹海鲜酒家), the largest seafood restaurant there. And lucky we did as they ran their own ferry shutter back to HK and we managed to get a free ride back, while enjoying the brilliant night view of the HK skyline in the cool breeze.

It was fun picking out the live seafood from the tanks but we couldn’t afford to have much as we still planned to go to a couple of restaurants upon returning in HK. This plate of Flower Snails (花螺) was very fresh as it was scooped out from the tanks just mere minutes before being served. At HKD120.

This prawn dish was prepared with a dry garlicky soy sauce and was very yummy. This dish cost around HKD 180 for 4 large prawns.

Despite the steep price tags (in comparison to M’sian seafood lah), it was still quite a dining experience and the seafood can’t get any fresher as all of them were picked from the live tanks. Service too was top notch and the free ferry shutter def. helped.

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  1. mimi said

    Nice shot of beaches!!!

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks!

  2. holy cow!! all the fresh seafood! I think I just died and went to heaven.
    I am in love with your awesome blog, and all the new cool things I learn from your travels and food.

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for visiting 🙂 yeah, the sight of the fresh seafood is quite something eh?

  3. I went for the trail during mid summer …somemore scorching afternoon sun…hahaha…almost died of heat stroke. Anyway…it was a fun place to explore (provided weather is cool). We ate at the restaurant next to rainbow..much cheaper. Tastewise, not sure which is better. I hope to return one day soon.

    epicuriousgirl says: ooh, during a summer afternoon?? lucky it’s still winter-ish when we visited. and we were lucky to get clear blue skies! i think i’ll def. head this way again if i go back to HK 🙂

  4. jencooks said

    Tofu fah is surface tension is so rounded it really looks smooth and good. Thanks for the info, I will try Lamma Island next trip there..

    epicuriousgirl says: not only does it look smooth, it tasted smooth too! easy to slide down one’s throat. 🙂

  5. J2Kfm said

    the pictures are very beautiful.
    the food in HK may be pricey, but I feel that the Chinese cuisine there
    is generally better than Msia’s.

    had one tau fu fa in Macau, and not too satisfactory though. Ipoh’s one better. =P

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks! nothing beats Ipoh’s Funny Mountain, i think. yes, the chinese cuisine in HK is def. better than M’sia’s but I think we do fresh seafood pretty well too!

  6. this place looks gorgeous. never been but wouldn’t mind checking out the beaches! btw the Flower Snails looks new to me. pretty pattern.. !

    epicuriousgirl says: It’s gorgeous… understand why the expats would want to stay there. So idyllic and charming. anyway, i first had the snails in Hanoi and have always loved them…

  7. wzchin said

    love ur pictures. too bad that we cant squeeze in any time for lamma..but ur post make us feel like flying there again.

    epicuriousgirl says: don’t think we can ever have enough time in HK, esp. if you include the island excursions and all the foods to try etc 😛

  8. gina said

    The taufu fah sort of hopping around now in front of my eyes saying, “eat me! eat me!” Haha!

    Very beautiful pics of Lamma island! Great shots!

    epicuriousgirl says: Ipoh’s nearer for the tofu fah 😛

  9. jason said

    The flower snails… looked poisonous hehe. :p

    epicuriousgirl says: but tastes damn good. Hehe.

  10. aser said

    A lot of those seafood places in Lamma are expensive, since they can rope in tourists. I suggest next time you can go to the local wet market, buy the seafood yourself, then bring it to the shop and arrange a cooking fee. You can haggle with them. This applies to other similar islands like Cheung Chau…

    It certainly pays to have a Cantonese speaker in these situations.

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