Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂 , Hong Kong

It was the Chinese name that attracted me. with the same pronunciation as the chinese saying on contentment; “知足常乐” in which to know contentment and gratitude is to know happiness, it was quite a memorable name. it was just down the street on where I stayed in HK and I’d pass it on the way to the MTR station. Anyhow it was a place that served rice congee in fast food style. On our last day staying in HK island, we popped in for a quick bite and found out that they also served various c

Rice congee is very much the staple breakfast item as noodles and dim sum in HK. And for the uninitiated, rice congee is basically a very thin porridge, or rice gruel. Eaten with various condiments, the most well-known and popular of all is yau char kway (油炸鬼) or fried dough crullers.

The interior is very modern, a far cry from what you would expect of an old school congee eatery with its shimmery mosaics, and wood veneered booth seats, but very inviting and comfy nevertheless. The air-cond was switched on full blast, but the hot congee would soon warm one up.

We started off with zhar leung (炸兩), fried dough crullers encased in a thin sheet of cheong fun (肠粉) or rice rolls . The rice roll skin must be thin yet not break when picked up. It was alright but would have preferred crunchier dough crullers. Hehe.

I am sure those of you would have followed TVB dramas religiously would have heard of the “Teng Jai Jook” (艇仔粥) or Sampan Congee before. The story goes that boat people sold porridge with chockful of ingredients to passerbys and it became a specialty. The blend of ingredients included fish (碎魚肉), lean pork (瘦肉), jellyfish (海蜇), cuttlefish (魷魚), peanuts (花生), crunchy dough crullers etc and this version also included pig skin (豬皮) and some deep fried crunchy vermicelli. Tastewise, it was quite good as I love the almost paste like consistency but I found that the presentation was sloppy as the congee was overflowing.

Considering that it’s more a fast food place, the service is on the abrupt end, but still tolerable. And the choices of congee available is quite impressive for me, so if you’re around the area and rice gruel is your thing, do pop in. Apparently their claypot cheong fun dishes with curry or beef are quite popular too.

Congee Wonderland 知粥嘗樂
175, King’s Road,
Fortress Hill, Hong Kong.
Open: 0630am – 2am

other reviews; (all in mandarin)


  1. Chin said

    I like the sticky and rough texture. Puree-like congee is a no-no to me. With HKG having a long winter this is a wonderful warming B/F.

    epicuriousgirl says: yeah, it was a great way to warm up one’s tummy 🙂

  2. mimi said

    HK always can get nice congee~~

    epicuriousgirl says: i’d think so. looking back at the photos, i realised this was only the place i had some! must try more if i go back to HK.

  3. gina said

    I had quite a lot of congee when I was in HK. Actually their congee are very smooth and fluid. And nice taste on the tongue!

    epicuriousgirl says: yeah, quite smooth. must try more next time. ah the magic words again – next time! 😛

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