Tsui Wah Restaurant, Hong Kong.

Just opposite Yung Kee is Tsui Wah, a cha chan teng (茶餐厅) chain that has outlets in Causeway Bay, Aberdeen, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui etc but the one here in Central draws in the crowds thanks to it’s proximity to Lan Kwai Fong.

Despite it being after dinner hours, the place was crowded and noisy. Spotted an empty table and quickly grabbed in. Apart from the given menu, there are some recommended dishes’ flyers sandwiched bet. the table and the glass for one’s reference. Noticed that the menu’s quite extensive but have only got my bestie’s recommendation, the pork chop bun in mind.

To drink, we went with the Milk Tea which is any HK char chan teng‘s signature drink. Generally, I find that milk tea in HK has too high a milk to tea ratio and I actually prefer teh tarik given that it’s kurang manis.

So yes, the item I came into Tsui Wah for – the pork chop bun. I expected it to be somewhat similar to the Macau pork chop bun and it was, but with some extras, the pickles, lettuce and mayo. Truth be told, while it tasted good, it couldn’t compare to the authentic Macanese ones. But then, they never did claim that it was the Macanese one, so I shall not make a comparison anymore. The pork fillet was thinner than what I hoped for but the bun was good. Lightly dusted and all.

I spotted the Spinach Shrimp Dumplings on one of the flyers on the table and went for that. When it was served, must admit I wasn’t too impressed as the soup was the colour of watered down milk and tasted bland. The dumplings were alright though, but not exactly fantastic.

Overall, despite Tsui Wah being one of the more popular chain restaurants in HK, I can’t rate much of the food as we were really there to snack only and not for a full fledged meal. We later found out that the Hainan Chicken Rice and curry is highly recommended here so if we stuck to those, we would have probably have had a better dining experience here.

Tsui Wah Restaurant 環翠餐厅 (www)
15-19, Wellington St,
Central, Hong Kong.

Open 24 hours.


  1. gina said

    The pork bun sure looked delicious! 😀

    I had only one milk tea in HK at this ah..turbojet ferry terminal (Sheung Wan) and that was while waiting for my friend, Vincent to come get us. That one wasn’t bad. It was slightly bitter sweet tea taste to it with a generous dose of milk. Quite ok lah to me. 😀

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, maybe i am too used to m’sian milk teas, less heavy on the milk 😛

  2. J2Kfm said

    yeah, can see that the pork chop looks more like fillet instead.

    and the milkiness of the tea is what sets them apart from our very own … i kinda dig their milk tea a lot! 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, each to his own 🙂

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