Lap Mei Fan (腊味饭)

Over the long weekend, I decided to make a one dish meal and made Lap Mei Fan based on this recipe. It’s essentially steamed rice topped with preserved meats like Wax Sausages (腊肠), Liver Sausages (膶肠), and Waxed Duck (腊鸭). Yes, I know that CNY has passed but I kept a waxed duck drumstick from then in the fridge and since I brought back the waxed sausages from Yung Kee (for my parents actually, but am sure they don’t mind me sneaking one or two 😛 ), it’s the best time to cook the whole lot. Hehe. As I don’t own a claypot, I could only make this using the rice cooker.

Artery clogging or carcinogenic inducing aside, this festive delicacy is delightful when you try your best to forget how sinful it is. The waxed meats slowly releases the juices if you leave it on the rice long enough. Sometimes it gets a tad oily, but the tender sausages and little bursts of flavours is more than enough to make up for it. The waxed produce are seasonal simply because most of it is wind dried and only the north wind during winter is cold enough to do the job properly. So I guess a sinful bowl once or twice a year ain’t all that bad?


  1. J2Kfm said

    wah …. ho chiak! only had this once or twice before.
    though the elderly would LURVE it to bits,
    youngsters may not like it as much.

    i’m old. =P

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, if you’re old, then if i am craving it and to be cooking it, do i become much older too? 😛

  2. mimi said

    I love waxed duck so much but this year not yet have chance to try 😦

    epicuriousgirl says: I love it too! But also beginning to be a bit cautious of where it’s coming from.. so many scary stories of food from China.

  3. gina said

    When you gonna invite me to your house and you cook for me.. and i blog about your dish? LOL!

    epicuriousgirl says: LOL. let me master a few more presentable dishes first… 🙂

  4. […] Our meal came up to above HKD220 for two but I had no idea how much each dish costs as HK restaurants don’t seem to give detailed receipts much. In fact, no receipt is given until you insist on it and mostly it’s a printout of the total figure. Having tried their goose liver sausages in Elegant Inn and wanting to get some for my gramps and parents, asked the assistant Captain who attended to us if they were still available and she was so nice that she asked me what I wanted, packed it and brought it to our table! But these don’t come cheap though, at HKD198/catty (斤) or 600g. But they are so sinfully good… should know as I revisited the taste by making this. […]

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