Mido Cafe, Hong Kong.

I am sorry I am taking forever to come up with my food adventures in Hong Kong (HK). Who would have thought a week off work would see so much backlog? Even the total unpacking of the suitcase had to wait. But better late than never eh? And here I am. Starting off with something that’s totally old school Hong Kong. This place has been featured often in TVB series and was not actually something on my list but we met up with Lissie’s friend and it was he who brought us here. He did the ordering so I have very little idea about the dish names.

Just at the corner of Temple Street, where one of the many famous HK night markets are, this place is easy to locate. There’s a retro feel to the interior of this cha chan teng, where booth seats line the windows and we chose the corner one where the table looked like some triangle off my trigonometry books. I loved that I could peep out and see men busy setting up their stalls. A glance around and I could spot some old items that probably have been there since the shop opened – an old cash registry, the antiquated ceiling fans etc. Felt surreal to be in HK somehow where things seem so familiar just because we have seen them almost everyday on telly.

Once you’re seated, glasses of hot chinese tea are plonked down in front of you, as per the custom of HK coffeeshops. The menu is sometimes wedged under the glass table for easy reference, but there are also recommendations on the walls.

Our first dish was this Stir fried Hor Fun with beef slices. I noticed that the eating places in HK like to serve mustard as a dipping sauce with meat and this place was no different. The Hor Fun (河粉) is thicker than the ones we’re used to, but smooth nevertheless. As for the beef slices, flavourful and tender to bite, was probably due to meat tenderizer being used. And the mustard does add a certain kick to the overall blend of flavours.

The next dish was apparently a special one, recommended on the wall menu by the name of 錦卤云吞 featuring of wontons and a sweet & sour dish consisting of various ingredients from tomatoes, bell peppers, ham chunks, cauliflower florets, chicken chunks, pig stomach, to shrimps. The way to eat this was to dip the deep fried wrappers and dip them into the sweet & sour gravy. It was honestly an interesting dish that I have never heard of before. But the taste takes some getting used to as the gravy was a tad too acidic for my liking. Very intense.

This vegetable dish however scored thumbs up from all of us. It also had a lot going on with baby bok choy, bean sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, lettuce, bean curd sheets etc. But it was a nice combination.

It was quite a enjoyable meal, with great company and the english speaking boss was actually quite friendly, contrary to what they say about HK people. Heh. Menu’s really extensive and apparently web reviews suggest that their Baked Spareribs rice is the thing to try. Even though we didn’t try a rice dish, overall what we had, I liked. But this cafe is worth visiting for the ambience alone, if not for the food.

Mido Cafe 美都餐室
63, Temple Street,
Yau Ma Tei,
Hong Kong.
Open : 8:30am-9:30pm

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  1. I love the look of this place! There’s something extremely fresh about the look of the food too, not your run of the mill char chan teng! Keep the HK posts coming!!

    epicuriousgirl says: I loved the ambience! Yes, working on them 😛

  2. J2Kfm said

    it is not opened at night! learnt it the hard way though …. 🙂

    the egg tarts or polo bun are is supposed to be very good.

    epicuriousgirl says: how late were you guys? we were there for a late lunch/early dinner around 5-ish. just early enough to see the stalls in Temple St. being set up.

    Yes, heard about those! But didn’t try ler coz it was “dinner” ma. 😛

  3. eh no baked pork rib rice with cheese for u? their signature..

    epicuriousgirl says: ordering was done very quickly by a friend who has been here more times than I have so didn’t really pay attention 😛 but believe it or not, didn’t have a single baked rice this trip! the more reason to go back to HK, methinks. lol.

  4. gina said

    Miu kai some more .. and the boss is nice?? this is new! LOL! Glad you found nice and polite people in HK. LOL!

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, not right smack in Miu Kai ler, but yes he was nice. Even smiled and said thank you as we were leaving!

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  6. Amanda said

    Just went there this morning, I went to the one located at Yau ma tei

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