Apong Guan, Penang.

We were driving down Burma Road when I spotted this Apong stall. I think it was the colour of the pushcart that caught my eye. It was only after we were parked and headed for the stall that I noticed the crowd. As we made our orders, we were informed that most of them made orders of twenty to thirty pieces so we had about an 25 min wait. And to imagine we only ordered 3 pieces (*blush*). But still Mr.Uan Cheng Guan said sorry, we had to wait in the queue. And we did since we were in no hurry and the fella seemed so friendly and amicable. So was his wife who was helping out. She even told me I could try making one when the crowd thins. But it never did, and during our wait, we saw numerous cars stopping to ask how long it’ll take before driving off. Or if they were willing to wait, Mrs.Uan will tell to stay in the car and she’ll bring it to them when it was ready.

We opted to stand at the side and watch go about making these soft, fluffy pancakes. The flour batter was pre-mixed but eggs were added in later, which helps keep it fresh. The smaller batches of batter with egg was then poured into the 9 hole griddle and while it’s cooking, Mr.Uan deftly slices the bananas and starts distributing them. Just before they are ready, only is the corn spooned in.

There’s no rushing as he wants to ensure that everything is cooked so that the standards of the taste is maintained, hence the wait.

The ready soft, fluffy pancake with banana and corn. Moist and delicious. And best of all, not too sweet. Worth the 25 min wait to me. Plus, we were entertained by Mr. Uan singing away. So if you spot it and have the time to wait, do try these excellent pancakes. They also accept phone bookings (if you’re buying in bulk) at 016-409 3701.

Apong Guan
Green stall in front SRJK (C) Union
Burma Road, Penang.
Opens 9am – 9pm. Closed Sunday.

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  1. cumi&ciki said

    awww the uncle is soooo cute.. love his cheeky smile! you caught that perfectly!

    epicuriousgirl says: yeah he is. quite a friendly soul too 😀

  2. J2Kfm said

    hahaa. … he happy you snapping him ah?

    singing uncle? reminded me of the dancing Indian milk man somewhere on Chulia St at night.

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, i think he was talking to someone when I got lucky with that shot. Ah, he only sings for certain regulars… so I was lucky too! :)/b>

  3. gina said

    Wah.. the pics really speak to me! LOL! I must ask my friend ta pao when she comes to KL! HAHA!

    thanks for sharing!

  4. gina said

    Some more so damn cheap! 30 sen nia?? He should hike up price to 50 sen at least.

    epicuriousgirl says: I too was surprised with the 30cents pricetag. then read that it used to be 7 pcs for RM1! no thanks to inflation lah.

  5. mimi said

    wow, got banana inside, can’t find it at KL hor…

    epicuriousgirl says: yeah, so far i have only seen such pancakes in penang. the other stall i tried is down New Lane.

  6. Oh.. one of my MUST stop whenever I’m back in Pg! Very good!! Otr than New lane, there is one in Gurney Drive Hawker place (the night one). They have kaya, corn and banana. But not as cheap *grin*. That one is Rm2 for 4 or 5…
    btw ..did u spy atr stall – Apong Chooi? Apparently, rumours has it they are bros..

    epicuriousgirl says: nope, rarely go to gurney drive for food. think i’ll overdo it there with so many choices!! hehe, even the new lane one is pricier than guan’s.

  7. fly said

    tis ah pek guan apong really yummy expecially when outstation frens come..they sure like it ^^

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, soft & yummy. yet not available outside penang. 🙂

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