Kluang Night Eats

As night falls in Kluang, we still had eateries to explore.

The restaurant bearing 2 names near Sungai Mengkibol. But it’s more commonly known as Ah Fu Satay (阿褔沙爹) by the locals. It’s near this open playground with big ant sculptures which is quite strange. 😛

Here’s the most famous hawker stall in this food court like place. The satay & fried chicken wings stall. We ordered pork and pig intestines satay. Only 2 sticks of the latter, which is placed at the most right corner of the plate. The meat was very well marinated but the peanut sauce was not too fabulous. Pair it with kajang’s satay sauce and I’ll definitely be wowed.

Anyway, the star dish of the night was the fried chicken wings. I have heard my friends raving about it and I was dubious to begin with but it sure knocked my socks off!! Truly finger licking good.

Deep fried Nam Yue Chicken Legs (南乳鸡脚). Much nicer than I expected and I’m not even a huge fan of both ingredients. But somehow this worked and we found ourselves taking them back to snack in front of the telly even.

Chee Cheong Fun (猪肠粉) with both char siew and prawns. Not too good as the rice sheets were on the thick side. Bit bland tasting also but I still managed to have quite a few chunks as I like my food on the less salty end.

Our oyster omelette. The oysters you spot are the only oysters in the omelette. The rest are all eggs. Mediocre only.

Overall, come here for the satay and deep fried chicken. There’s also grilled fish and western fare but those we didn’t manage to try. Also available are iced desserts Chinese style like “Six Taste Soup” (六味汤), Sea coconut (海底椰) etc.

Restoran Tan Ching Hing / Restoran Wang Sim 阿褔沙爹 / 萬星甜品美食坊
Jalan Cantik,
86000 Kluang.


I kept spotting beef ball noodles stalls so I asked for them. And my friend brought me to this shop, Sin Hon Kee which had “al fresco” seats Malaysian style, i.e. plastic table with stools on the road lah. The place was quite busy, which is always an encouraging sight with me. Hehe. I didn’t manage to snap a good shot of the uncle who was cooking away but could see he was very intent in his tasks.

We asked for the dry version even though there’s the soup one too coz I noticed lots of people ordering the dry one. It looks nondescript when served but once mixed well and drizzled with the accompanying soup, it tastes pretty yummy. Simple, but good.

Apart from beef balls, they also serve pork balls so we ordered both. The beef balls were really yummy. I could taste the beef essence in every bite! For once the pork balls paled in comparison. Anyhow, was munching away happily on the beef balls throughout the meal.

Sin Hon Kee 新漢记
42, Jalan Hj. Manap Nordin,
Kluang Baru.



  1. J2Kfm said

    the Nam Yue chicken feet and fried chicken wings are attractive.
    can imagine munching on those in front of telly.

    epicuriousgirl says: rather sinful snacks though 😛

  2. cumi&ciki said

    deepfried nam yue chicken feet! never tried but dying to! looks yum:D

    epicuriousgirl says: it’s really good!

  3. `JeromeFo said

    If i hv the chance to go there, i would like to try the Nam Yue Chicken Legs*
    Haven’t try before that kind of chicken.

    epicuriousgirl says: I think anyone who likes both Nam Yue and Chicken Legs will loce this 🙂

  4. sc said

    yeah, the ants sculpture is very mind boggling for us who are from kluang too… i dont see the link at all..it’ll be much better if the place keluang sculptures instead. oh yeah, the pork satay..yums..

    epicuriousgirl says: even noticed crawling ones on the sg.mengkibol sign. hehe.

  5. sdano said

    i heard satay in Wang Sim restaurant also have a great and delicious taste!

  6. aaron said

    you should try the dry beef noodles @ the old market place or another one @ nite after tmn lian seng on the way to nyior. one of its kind.

  7. Can i have ah fu satay address and contact number?

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