Kluang Day Eats

There’s really not much to do in Kluang unless you want to do Gunung Lambak. So what does a foodie do? Eat. Hehe.

Apart from the coffee and toast, Kluang’s also famous for curry noodles. We headed off to one of the old names – Botak Curry Noodles. Apparently the name originated from the bald cook! Hehe. But the son who was manning the stall only had short, cropped hair. There are 2 stalls, with different siblings taking care of their own respective stalls. We went to the one that’s a shop by itself near the Kluang police station.

The owner’s love for liquor and alcohol is apparent by his collection of alcohol bottles lined up against the walls. Also, the psychedelic ceilings were quite a change. Colourful indeed.

The delicious looking bowl of curry noodles, topped with bean sprouts, char siew, cockles, fish cake, pork skin etc. Quite unusual for me to have the pork skin on curry noodles. But as it’s pretty tasteless to begin with, it soaked up the curry like a sponge. The fish cake (on the most right) didn’t appeal to me as it was was somewhat dry and rubbery. So that was one topping we could do without. But the main star was still the curry. And it was good! And there was this delectable side dish of chilli which I forgot to photograph but added such oomph to the curry.

Gerai Makan Botak 摩达咖哩面
Jalan Paya 2,
Kluang Baru,
86000 Kluang.


Kit Siong Cafe is a typical breakfast coffeeshop in Kluang. Most locals come here because they have quite a few hawker stalls, incl. dim sum.

These dry curry noodles were ordered from this stall selling “KL Hawker Food”. Haha, the words KL sure were persuasive. It was pretty decent though and I am starting to like Kluang noodles. Word has it the noodles are all from one supplier so every stall’s noodles taste the same. Nice bite to it. And it does have its signature broader, yellow look.

The main reason why we came here was due to this. My friend’s sister recommended the “Turkish Bread” which I think is essentially pita bread with filling. When their first tried it, it was filled to brim with mayo tuna. But on this visit, ours was filled with coleslaw and miniscule amounts of white tuna. Lol. But must admit the pita pocket was nicely toasted.

Kedai Kopi Kit Siong 吉祥美食中心
Jalan Awam 2,
Taman Awam,


I was also brought to Chop Foo Chow for their wide selection of baos. As it was already nearing late afternoon, the shop was a bit more empty. But their chillers held lots of pre-made baos for people to buy back to steam.

The mini baos that we had. Dough was quite thick and taste was nondescript so not memorable with me.

The glutinous rice bao. As you can see, bit lopsided in filling with the meat spread thinly on one end only. Tastewise, it was ok only ler.

After all the plain baos, we decided to skip the others and ordered one steamed pork ribs. Kinda mediocre tasting also.

Must admit that nothing here really tickled my fancy. Might as well cross the road to go over for Tangkak (or spelt Tong Jiat here) beef noodles. Hehe.

Chop Foo Chow
No. 2, Jalan Duku,
Kluang, Johor



  1. is it a trend to in kluang that all fehmes food spot has funny funny name? hehe

    epicuriousgirl says: you mean botak curry mee? haha, unique ma. then only memorable.

  2. mimi said

    There is so small portion of glutinous rice in the glutinous rice bao 😦

    epicuriousgirl says: i wished there was more meat instead! 😛

  3. J2Kfm said

    those are some nice shots of the food though.

    frozen baos can never taste like the freshly steamed stuff.

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks! but i personally think that frozen stuff never tastes as good as the fresh ones to begin with 😛

  4. Celeste said

    Ooh, the botak curry noodles look delicious. Any chance you still remember how much it costs, and when it’s open for business? 🙂

  5. Tony said

    Planning my makan venture trip to Kluang now. Thanks for the tips ;D

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