Majestic Malacca

For once, I am not going to talk about street food despite heading towards Malacca during the Raya break. Coz I didn’t even try any until the end of our getaway. After being tempted by lots of cravings on his island getaway vacay, i jumped at the offer of trying YTL’s newest gem – The Majestic, in Malacca.

The package we bought was per room + food (dinner, breakfast & lunch) which was quite a good deal. We loved the room, with its plush and lush king sized bed, and open bathroom (complete with a bathtub!). Check in was only after 3pm so we only managed to try the pool after exploring the grounds and a short rest. The hotel is separated into 2 buildings, the original mansion, and the 10 storey extension for the rooms and spa village. The restaurant, housed in the original building with the lobby & lounge is aptly named “The Mansion”.

We were given the choice of ordering an Appetiser/Soup, with a Mains and Dessert for our 3 course dinner. I can’t remember the price but it was definitely hovering around RM100++ per pax if not included in the package. Beverages apart from water/coffee/tea are not included and a fresh juice would set you back about RM20++. Yes, I know. 🙂

Fresh dinner rolls. Looks good but I didn’t have any as it was grabbed up by the kids in no time. Didn’t mind as I had the appetiser to look forward to. Was entertained by delightful piano playing while waiting.

My choice of Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast – romaine lettuce, chop bacon, tomato with roasted chicken breast. It was delicious, and the croutons are out of this world.

Crystal Prawn Cocktail – cocktail of merlimau prawns with honeydew cubes and garnished with mint. Did think of ordering this but decided to go with prawns for the main course.

Warm Truffle Egg with Norwegian Smoked Salmon – The poached egg was done to perfection and the saltiness of the smoked salmon and tartness of the onion relish complimented it well.

Majestic Seafood Soup. I think we were all expecting the creamy seafood chowder but was pleasantly surprised by this clear version which tasted very fresh.

Griddled Lamb Cutlets and Parsley Mash, with a touch of fresh rosemary. This was good! I especially loved the mash. Piled on a bed of sauteed onions and mushrooms, I would have greatly enjoyed this if I had been the one to order it. Alas, I could only have morsels of it…

Creamy Merlimau Prawns & Peas, served with tomato parsley sauce and egg fried rice. The prawns were a tad overdone in my opinion, but the creamy sauce saved the day. Though the egg fried rice was decent, I thought the rice was on the mushy side. Should have been fluffy.

Forgot to snap a photo of the other mains we had – Ayam Cencaluk, which is chicken fillets pan fried with the shrimp paste, tamarind, chilli, tumeric etc. Served with white rice, it was dubbed a M’sian favourite in the menu. But the verdict was – “an acquired taste”. I personally love Cencaluk, but felt that none of the pungent oomph associated with this fermented shrimps delicacy came through.

We did have some bubur cha cha for dessert, but the looks of it was not exciting enough to warrant a shot. Nor was the taste of it, to be honest.

One thing I loved about YTL hotels is the little touches. Returned to our rooms to find that our beds have been turned down, and a little basket with homemade cookies have been left for us. Feeling pampered? You bet.


Sleeping in the comfy bed is something I can get used to. So much so I was a little indignant when the blinds were pulled up and sunlight streamed in. “It’s only 0730!”; I wailed. Though deprived of a little more sleep, we were excited about the day ahead… breakfast to start, and a historical walk with the hotel’s guide.

Breakfast is also served at The Mansion, and is done ala “Cascade Breakfast Service” for RM50++ per pax. We were given the choice of freshly squeezed orange or watermelon juice, coffee or tea to start. A trolley with cereal, freshly cut fruits, fruit compote, a pastry tray and yogurt is then pushed over for our selection. I chose a pain au chocolat and it was quite disappointing as it was very dry and had none of the light, flaky pastry I remember.

Waffles, served with fresh fruit.

Eggs done sunny side up with beef bacon, chicken sausage, grilled tomato, hash brown and baked beans. The chicken sausage had a light lemon-ey taste to it, which was refreshing. The hash brown was crisp and just lovely.

The Majestic Omelette with onions, smoked duck, salmon roll, spring onion and a side of curry gravy. One can barely taste the duck or salmon, but diced bits of these meats can be seen in the slightly runny, eggy omelette. Quite good really. Though I thought the curry was unnecessary. I rarely dipped the omelette in it anyway.

Aside from these mains, there was also the local flavours – Chicken Curry in Pancakes (similar to roti jala but with no lacy crepe) and Fried KwayTeow. The familiar smells of the latter wafted over to our table at one point and frankly, i was ready to go over with my fork to ask for a trial. But alas, manners must be remembered so I could only revel in the smell, and not the taste. But judging from the empty mini wok (which was used to serve the CKT), I knew it must have been decent.


The historical walk takes about 2 hours. Even though it was informative and enlightening as we saw parts of Malacca that we’ve not paid attention to before, i.e back alleys, river boardwalk etc. the heat was harder to handle. So when they suggested taking one of the touristy trishaws back to the hotel, the kids cheered. A first for me really, and my trishaw handler, a feisty old man went about it like Schumacher would if he was still in F1. It was no wonder I arrived back at the hotel first before the rest. Lol. But it was truly blissful to step into the lobby to have the kind reception staff waiting for us with cold towels. Ah.

We didn’t have to even walk anywhere for lunch as it was at the Lounge, just by the lobby. At RM35++ per person, it was quite affordable for a meal of appetiser/soup with mains and dessert.

We had fish fingers with tartare sauce from the Kid’s menu. No fish nuggets here as they use fresh fish fillet. Truly yum.

For appetiser & soup, we had the Grilled Sausage with Potato Salad and Cream of Mushroom Soup. The portion of the sausage was almost the size of a main course! Good stuff as the sausage was juicy and “bursty”. The lightly pan fried potato cubes were also delish with bits of beef bacon.

The cream of Mushroom soup had none of the canned soup taste, but brimming with the taste of fresh mushrooms. And once again, the croutons were delightful.

The Homemade Chicken Leek & Mushroom Pie with English parsley mash, green peas and Vichy carrots caught my eye and it was a winner with me. The pie crust was light and flaky (just how I hoped my earlier pain au chocolat was), and the filling creamy and flavourful. I didn’t taste much leek though, but the creamy chicken morsels and sliced mushrooms already sent me to seventh heaven. I noticed that they liked serving parsley mash, but i wasn’t complaining. Buttery and smooth, it was quickly polished off by the kids and I. The only downer is that everything on this plate filled us up quite quickly. Couldn’t even finish the pie, pity indeed.

Beer Burger with french fries and Fusili Pasta in creamy mushroom sauce. The beef patty was juicy and had a slight burnt flavour to it. Enjoyed by all of us. As for the pasta, it was so laden with cream and cheese that I couldn’t take more than a few mouthfuls. But perfect for serious creamy pasta lovers.

Dessert for ala carte lunch was quite limited with either Chocolate creme or Nyonya jelly. Unsure what the latter was, decided to go for the former, which is a light chocolate mousse. A tad too sweet for my tastebuds, but does the job of cleaning my palate of all the earlier creaminess.

After all this dining and resting, it’s no wonder our brief getaway flew by. We felt that the package was worth its price tag as service was top notch (we felt somewhat spoiled!) and though the food had its hits and misses, we still ate in style. Truly worthy of its Small Luxury Hotels standard.



  1. Good times! Who needs street food when you are being pampered like that. I’ll bet you fancy something a little more gritty before long though 😉

    Random food related experiences on , including catching and eating your food in the wild off the West coast of Scotland…

    epicuriousgirl says: heh, thanks for dropping by. Will keep your blog in mind should I ever head over to Scotland.

  2. skinnymum said

    thanks loads for this post… was supposed to go to the Majestic Malacca, during the Hari Raya holidays, but i feel sick (bad sore throat and flu). postponed the trip to the Deepavali break. how much did you pay for the package?

    epicuriousgirl says: i think our package was around rm700 per room (for 2 pax) incl. of meals.

    anyway, hope you get well soon and have a great time there during the Deeps break! 🙂

  3. Christy said

    Hey, a walk down memory lane in Melaka!!! This is definitely a historic moment:)
    You looked like you’ve had such a great vacation, I am so wanting to go to Melaka too;)

    epicuriousgirl says: yeah, the walk was interesting but Malacca’s as hot as ever! The heat dampen my spirits a wee bit…

  4. cumi&ciki said

    just the kinda review i was looking for! always disliked staying at the hotels in Malacca. Not much of a selection amongst the 5star. All old and run down… I will def stay here on my next trip. cheers!

    epicuriousgirl says:ah, glad to help. it’s always nice sharing a hidden gem eh?

  5. J2Kfm said

    read bout Malacca in the Star today. and brought back so much memories.
    yup, the street food and locale delights are tempting,
    but I”m green with envy reading your pampering getaway. 🙂
    YTL sure knows its way to the customer’s heart …

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, they do. and we all need a getaway like this to get us thru. 🙂

  6. mimi said

    I think I will not willing to wake up from that comfortable bed~~ The bathtub so classic!!

    epicuriousgirl says: yes, it was SO comfy! Didn’t even get to try the bathtub… wasted hor?

  7. Jane said

    Hi. My bf and I always wanted to try overnite there. May I know how much is the package u took?

    epicuriousgirl says: you can always call YTL travel at 03 2783 1000 to ask coz I think it varies. but ours was around rm700 per room (for 2 pax) incl. of meals. 🙂

  8. renaye said

    wow. that’s like a place i would visit to recuperate. is the food good?

    epicuriousgirl says: Err, as per my post, it has its hits & misses but still worth the try.

  9. Wow, fantastic post! What a refreshing way of seeing Melaka – plush plush comforts, fine fine fine dining all the way, whopee! And RM700 for the package is quite a fab deal!

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks. yup, does put Melaka in a different light. I’ve always associated it with heat, sweat and crowds. Lol.

  10. before I finish the entire post, i know this is YTL group of hotel. if you like this, am sure you will like Pangkor Laut Resort.

    epicuriousgirl says: Haha, so looks like YTL is really successful with their branding exercise. A few signature touches makeths the name.

    Yes, I think I will love Pangkot Laut Resort in fact. Just need to find someone special to go with. 😛

  11. kenneth said

    My mouth started started watering
    as i saw all these dishes 🙂
    well ya nice collection of foods which you got there 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for dropping by 🙂

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