USJ 4 Ramadhan Bazaar

This will be another near photos only post as Ramadhan months is drawing to a close. But managed to squeeze in a visit to the USJ 4 bazaar to have a last minute look at its offerings.

This Roti Bom & Murtabak stall was doing brisk business. Looks promising too.

Kebab and Roti John.

This stall came up with “Mini Murtabaks” which were wrapped using thin spring roll skin instead of the usual roti dough.

Cucur Udang (RM0.50 each) and Lekor (5 for RM2). Only had the cucur udang, which was excellent with the chilli dip.

Mak Wan’s Kelantanese rice stall. Couldn’t resist the Nasi Kerabu yet again. Quite tasty, but on the peppery side. They used quite a lot of dried fish flakes, which few stalls do these days.

This putu piring stall (Putu Piring Warisan) was another popular one in this bazaar. While queuing, could see them making it as quickly as their fingers allowed. Quite a mesmerising sight. And it tasted pretty good! The smokey, sweet palm sugar enveloped in the rice flour cake – yummy! Going at RM0.50 each.

Spotted the Sarawakian Kuih Batik again, and right next to a tray of moist chocolate cake. Both tasted moist and not too sweet. Not too bad indeed.

Ayam percik stall.

Nasi Briyani and other lauk stall.

Smallish ramadhan bazaar in comparison to the SS18 one, but still doing brisk business. Noticed quite a few satay stalls there too.

USJ 4 Ramadhan Bazaar
Along USJ 4/5
47600 Subang Jaya



  1. Christy said

    Oh yeah….it’s going to be Raya soon, no more Pasar Ramadhan yea.
    There seems to be a lot of interesting pasar ramadhan in USJ area yea…ooo, the putu piring and the nasi kerabu looks very nice…hehe, photogenic! (LOL!)

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, thanks. 🙂

  2. J2Kfm said

    this year I din even go to one ramadan bazaar.
    somehow the ones in Ipoh quite lacklustre.

    epicuriousgirl says: Ah. but thought with your constant travelling, you would have been able to try some around west m’sia. 🙂

  3. cumi&ciki said

    love the bazaars – too bad they be over soon eh?!

    epicuriousgirl says: yup. the one month just flew by.

  4. […] there after work was easier and quicker than I expected. I saw some returning stalls from my last visit which looks rather […]

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