Subang SS18 Ramadhan Bazaar

Fancy rainbow coloured roti jala?

I find it quite difficult to frequent Ramadhan Bazaars on weekdays due to the distance, and of course the traffic jams hence I tend to go back to the same bazaar year after year, the one in Subang Jaya SS18 as it’s closest to where I work.

Kuih Pelita (steamed santan & rice flour in folded pandan leaf rectangles)

Noticed the bazaar getting longer every year, which is a good sign! But a lot of the old stall handlers are still there, including some of the ones featured in masak-masak’s post a couple years back. The bazaar here has less kuih-muih than others I’ve been too, but features more on cooked dishes and savoury snacks etc. Ah, just what I like.

This nasi lemak stall (Nasi Lemak D’Kukus) has got a faithful following, and they’re famous for their fried chicken. Have seen people buying just the chicken without the rice also.

Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng Berempah and Kerang. Fluffy rice, juicy and flavour chicken with yummy cockles.

Nasi Kerabu from another stall. I love checking out Kelantanese fare during these bazaars. This version had almost the full works apart from the optional salted egg.

There are a few Murtabak stalls here but I noticed more people waiting for this one (Nasir & Co), so decided to join the queue.

Another interesting stall here is the one selling middle eastern influenced snacks such as the Tunisian appetiser brik. There is the mini sized one, and another bigger one with a whole egg inside. The filling is akin to mash potatoes with onion and meat, which is then folded into the pastry skin and deep fried.

Also, the Murtabak which I bought from the Nasir & Co stall.

This big stall selling all kinds of Masakan Melayu dishes is a regular alright. See them without every year. I always walk along the stall to check out the dishes before making my pick.

Pucuk Paku Masak Lemak, Kerabu Mangga and Siput Sedut (Balitong). The mango salad was really yummy, hitting all the sweet, sour and savoury tastebuds.

Apart from the above, there’s the usual bbq-ed chicken wings, satay, drinks, desserts, nasi briyani etc available there. Anyhow, banyak choice lah. 😀

SS18 Ramadhan Bazaar
Along Jalan SS18/6,
47500 Subang Jaya.



  1. Come… we go together-gether again… hahaha

  2. gina said

    holy crap! The nasi lemak looks so damn shiok!

  3. hungry d……

  4. `JeromeFo said

    Awesome Malay Foods!
    Too bad im in UK now…
    Aiks Aiks Aiks…
    No luck to try all the Malay Foodz…..><

  5. wmw said

    I can’t get over that tray of rainbow coloured roti jala lah….:p

  6. Simon Seow said

    The Nasi Kerabu looks real good. Too bad I don’t have time for bazaar this year.

  7. […] ramadhan bazaar in comparison to the SS18 one, but still doing brisk business. Noticed quite a few satay stalls there […]

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