Senjyu Sushi, Sunway Pyramid

Note: This outlet is no longer in operation. Please go to the Cineleisure Damansara outlet.

After showing a couple of my colleagues reviews of this place, they were so enthusiastic about this place that we went after work. Hehe. No prizes for those who guessed that Japanese cuisine is a firm favourite amongst us. Lol.

Senjyu Sushi is located at the old wing of Sunway Pyramid, where Genki Sushi used to be. From the outside, the mostly black mirrored facade does look classy, but also portrays a slight “off-limits” feel. But I guess that’s in line with the restaurant management’s directive to portray it as a higher end sushi joint.

The inside looks a bit more inviting, with splashes of bronze and some wood furnishing. But the most eye-catching bits (to me, that is) are the rows of glass bottles. We were ushered to one of the booth seats and given a menu to browse through. Could spot quite a few interesting items, and they had little icons promoting them as “chef’s recommendation” or “airflown” which was a nice touch. And yes, the prices are indeed more hefty than your usual franchise sushi place. But we would soon find it if it was worth it’s price tag…

We ordered mostly off the menu instead of picking up stuff from the conveyor belt as we wanted them to be freshly made. The prices of the dishes on the belt ranged from RM4 to RM16, depending on the colour.

While waiting for our orders to be made, we were served freshly grated wasabi first. Green tea is at RM2 per cup. The size of the cup was very, ah, dainty. I could easily finish the tea in 1-2 gulps if I wanted to. Of course they refilled, and very regularly. But I don’t quite like the waiting team to hover around.

First up was the Airflown Oyster Sashimi (RM 12.90). Gorgeous presentation and quite big in size. It was very fresh, hence tasted naturally sweet.

Abalone & Ikura (RM12). When I saw this on the menu, didn’t hesitate in ordering it. The abalone is tiny, but brimming with taste. And the saltiness of the ikura complimented the combination well. My only grouse was that the sushi rice was somewhat hard and clumpy, which i suspect is due to it being refrigerated. Authentic sushi rice should be stored at room temperature and covered with a moist cotton cloth.

We loved the Salmon Belly (RM8). And the length of the cut was very agreeable with us. Lol.

I saw the Salmon Mango Hani Maki (RM12) on the conveyor belt and couldn’t resist the thick-looking slices of salmon. In between the salmon slices were diced mango, some cucumber and a wee bit of sushi rice. Quite a nice combination and I enjoyed it vastly.

Not only wanting to limit our meal to seafood, we decided to try the Senjyu Wagyu Maki (RM39.90). The thin beef slices are lightly seared and wrapped around the maki rolls with asparagus and stir-fried enoki mushrooms and onions in them. The sweetness of the sauteed onions blended well with the beef. It was like having bite-size wagyu beef don! Yummy.

Overall, I would agree that the standard of the food served here is befitting of its upmarket pricetag but it’s not somewhere I can afford to dine at on a regular basis. Service was good, and polite but they did have about 6-7 people on their waiting team and only 2 tables of customers. Could feel them watching us. Lol. And oh, they charge you for the wet tissues on your table even if you didn’t use them so I took them back to wipe my dashboard. Yup, i happen to be one of them who doesn’t trust the origins of these wet tissues and rarely use it, esp. not to wipe my mouth! Heard too many stories πŸ˜›

Senjyu Sushi
F1.05, Sunway Pyramid
No. 3, Jln PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
Tel: 03 – 7492 6236

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  1. Wow, that was quick. Glad you enjoyed the place. I quite like the stuff, just like you said won’t eat there often though.

    epicuriousgirl says: have to act fast ler! yup, eating here often will be sure to burn a hole in my pocket.

  2. mimi said

    Diced mango in sushi, interesting~~~

    epicuriousgirl says: yes. nice blend of flavours too.

  3. gosh..everything looks so pretty and interesting

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, pretty unique menu.

  4. Simon Seow said

    Will surely go and try when their outlet in Cineleisure open. I had my eyes on the Abalone Ikura sushi.

  5. Alim said

    Actually tissues are only charged if you use them. They came over and counted the number of open packs before charging us. πŸ˜€

    epicuriousgirl says: That’s good to hear. But as they didn’t do the same for us, hence I thought to bring it up to warn unsuspecting customers.

  6. Julian Si said

    Deeeeeeeeelish πŸ˜‰

    epicuriousgirl says: saw your post on it and you had so much yummy stuff! πŸ˜€

  7. jason said

    i would like to make a reservation over there for about 10 people…
    is any1 know how much can a person spend over there??

  8. geniushcy said

    there was a very pretty waitress during year 2008..few months later,i went again to look for that girl,she already not there..what a disappointed.

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