Weekend Barbecue

Over the weekend our company decided to throw a bash for some of our associates at my boss’s weekend house. We girls were involved in most of the food preparations. Only had to marinate the meat with a mixture of lemongrass & ginger infused sauces and cut some fresh vegetables before skewering everything into shish kebabs. Hehe.

On the day itself, apart from the usual chicken wings, corn on the cobs, shish kebabs, we also rolled pineapple cubes in streaky bacon and bbq-ed them. Sliced the leftover brinjals and Eryngii mushrooms and threw them on the hot plate too.

Being Sarawakians, Boss & I agreed to make Sarawak Laksa for our guests (who have long asked for it). I was more of a sous-chef for the stock, while my Boss did the final tasting etc. The secret in a yummy bowl of Sarawak Laksa lies in the soup and we have long been loyal customers of the “Swallow” brand of Laksa paste (which can be obtained at this stall *hint hint ). All the preparatory work for the ingredients (i.e. cooking & slicing the prawns, shredding the chicken, omelette strips) were done by Boss’s domestic helper and I.

The only thing that I actually made was the accompanying sambal. Just blended all the ingredients for a fiery, slow burning accompanying chilli paste. Used in abundance was garlic, shallots and chilli. Added some pan-fried belacan and some whole lime and voila. The sambal and squeeze of lime is the much needed “kick” for the dish, so it’s a customary accompaniment.

Most guests brought boxes of mooncake, but some brought other desserts like jelly etc so needless to say, we were all stuffed. But the best bit of the evening was this last minute riverboat cruise down Sungai Langat to catch the sunset.

Ah, good times indeed. 😀



  1. I noticed that now u tagged your photos, huh?? To avoid plagiarism?? He he… Make it bigger, bigger… Haha…

    epicuriousgirl says: what to do? have to move with the times also. didn’t want to watermark from the beginning coz didn’t want to “spoil” the pics, but now it seems like it’s a necessity to do so.

  2. J2Kfm said

    love BBQ party … though the after effect may be undesirable.
    can cruise down the river? his own boat ah?

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, i know what u mean. already my boss kena, have to go toilet more often 😛

    the boat belongs to the management… the weekend home is at this enclave of riverfront houses, so can book the boat for river cruise etc.

  3. Nice idea to roll bacon over pineapples…must be nice! Grilled brinjals are good too. Sarawakian laksa goes with BBQ eh! Yummy.

    epicuriousgirl says: well, have to have some other food whilst the rests are being grilled, and since they have asked for it for so long…. consider kill two birds with one stone! Lol.

  4. abbot said

    You blog makes me hungry, what a load of delicious food.

    Hmmm… I wonder if those food adversely affect your BMI.

    epicuriousgirl says: yes, it does look like a lot of food, eh? but most of them are shared with a bunch of friends as well so happy gatherings call for delicious food!

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