Imitation, the best form of flattery?

Edited 100908: Brian Tan Sze Haw has deleted all plagiarised posts as of 10th September 2008 but has not acknowledged nor apologised for the incident. To all, please credit images back to their owners whenever you can. Infringement of copyright matters should not be taken lightly.

Just a quick browse through my stats and guess what I saw? This boy ( blatantly copying my posts and using it as his own! And watermarking MY photos as his own!!! True, he’s only 13 and doesn’t know better but claiming other people’s work as his own? Plagiarism is also a form of theft!

Tried reporting to Blogger about this content abuse but it seems that all they can do is suggest that I file a DMCA complaint with them. So at the moment, all I can do is leave a message at his chatbox and comments to get him to remove it. Will you guys also leave him a message too? If we don’t curb this now, maybe more of us floggers will face the same problem.

Or can anyone else can suggest a better way of handling this?



  1. Simon Seow said

    What the freak? Another copy cat on the loose. This one even takes it to a higher ground by watermarking the pics as his own. Condemn the bloody copy cat. Any lawyer out there to help? Might have a hard time.

    epicuriousgirl says: hey thanks for helping me leave comments on his site to get him to remove the posts. appreciate it.

  2. J2Kfm said

    wow, copied everything BLATANTLY and yet had the guts to claim his own? and WATERMARKING the photos some more? geez … he needs a GOOD spanking, huh?

    epicuriousgirl says: he just doesn’t have a single ounce of originality in him…

  3. Copying one’s content.. it’s nothing new..
    Especially with today’s technology, they’re everywhere and can be easily done too…
    Too say it’s a flattery… well you have got to have extremely good EQ to be sooo big heart…

    Here’s what you can do (if we believe he might adhere to it)
    1. Write an email asking him to remove the content and advise to create his own contents. He can use your website as reference or copy some ideas but make references back to your site..

    2. Make this post as pin up so that people will know that your website has a “clone” out there.

    3. This kid is probably looking for some adventure the easy way out, probably to impress the girlfriends. Since he’s probably got some friends there, why not drop by and say hello to his friends? Start telling his friends how good he is at copying other people’s Intellectual Property (IP) and risk of being sued since you know who he is and where he studies?

    Hope this kid know what he’s doing and stops eventually… In the meantime, you can start to watermark your own photos too as a copyright 🙂

    well… what can we say… KIDS~!

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, of course i don’t think it’s flattery. but coming from a 13 yr old who’s trying so hard, what else can i say? sigh, this kid seems so blissfully oblivious. thanks for all the tips. have done most of them.

  4. Joy said

    Oh my god, that’s awful. And he had the gall to watermark your photos. Tsk. Tsk.

    Sorry this happened to you after all your hard work on your site. I’m just glad he took it out. Kid has a LOT to learn.

    epicuriousgirl says: Hey girl, good to hear from you! Kids these day have info coming to them way too easily and have no idea the time we put in churning out these posts.

  5. itsRaining said

    13 years old and still cannot use his brain properly?
    he even put his trademark on the pics??
    how stupid…
    you should just ask someone to hack his website…

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