Restoran Tringkap Revisit, Cameron Highlands.

One of the places we revisited in Cameron Highlands is the Restoran Tringkap. I was anxious to try the signature fish dish, the Black Pepper Tilapia so I made my way there.

It was still early when we arrived, but there was one big group tucking into their steamboat dinner with much gusto so we were very much tempted. Plus it’s was quite cool with the rain and all, so a hot, soupy dinner was just what we needed.

The lady boss said it would cost RM35 for 2, which sounds ok to me as a normal buffet steamboat back in PJ costs thereabouts. We forgot to ask what the soup base was but was pleasantly surprised to see loads of wolfberries and sliced cabbage leaves in the clear soup. A stir around and we found some chinese herbs in the clear soup.

Quite big portions for 2, even though the bulk of it are leafy vegetables. Locally grown, these are as fresh as it gets. Also had oyster mushrooms, cuttlefish, jellyfish, fish fillets, chicken fillets, fishballs, prawns, tofu, beancurd stuff, eggs etc. Quite a good selection that was very satisfying as the soup got tastier with the prolonged cooking.

And finally tried the long awaited Black Pepper Tilapia where the fish is filleted and fried to a crisp. And I do really mean to a crisp. The thin slices are peppery and well flavoured with the accompanying sliced curry leaves, dried shrimps, chilli etc. And the tangy salad on the side did whet our appetites. If I remember correctly, this portion for two costs us RM18.

We were so stuffed after this dinner. But I think I prefer having the dai chow dishes with rice than having steamboat only. Definitely a place I won’t hesitate to come back to the next time I’m in Cameron Highlands again as there are a few tempting looking dishes popular with the locals that I’m salivating after.

Restoran Tringkap 直能甲海鲜饭店
39100 Cameron Highlands,

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  1. J2Kfm said

    oh … so there IS a worth visiting CHinese restaurant after all.
    all this while I thought only steamboat outlets in Tanah Rata n Brinchang are noteworthy. Tringkap, is near RInglet right?

    epicuriousgirl says: Tringkap is actually further up Brinchang, pass Boh’s famous Sg. Palas tea centre. It’s a bit hidden, so look out for the sign (photo in my first post). But it’s the dai-chow dishes that I prefer here compared to steamboat, to be honest.

  2. Gina said

    A bit hungry now.. where to makan at 12.48 am ah?? Haha! 😀 Looks delicious!

    epicuriousgirl says: mamak! eh, m’sia famous for 24 hour mamak stalls ma. or there’s always cup noodles from 7-11 😛

  3. mrlonelyzai said

    sorry guy this restaurant has change to taman tringkap n it is near at the balai polis thank you

    • pipi said

      Hi Gina,

      do you any the contact number of this restaurant ? currently i am organizing a company trip to cameron, i plan to take lunch in the restaurant, but i need to confirm whether can they fix all of us in ( about 40 persons)

      thanks in advance

  4. gina said

    You should be asking epicuriousgirl, the owner of this blog, not me. Haha!

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