Sun Wong, Jaya One

My friend was very excited about this Hong Kong Cha Chan Teng as it’s opened by the Overseas Group and he liked the looks of the decor from the outside. But I thought the red & black theme was a bit over the top even though it was a nice combination to begin with. And the booth seats were damn uncomfy! The padded cushions were poking at the wrong height. ๐Ÿ˜› Yes, I’m fussy with the seats because I want to enjoy the meal.

But the menu boasted a variety of dishes, ranging from the usual HK Cha Chan Teng stuff to Western fare to Korean noodles etc. They even had a Hainanese Chicken Rice set with 3 different type of rice to choose from.

We wanted to share a toast to begin with but the Swiss Chicken Wings (RM5.90) caught my eye. We weren’t sure what to expect as I forgot to ask but thought it would be something sufficiently cheesy. However, to our surprised, they turned out to be coffee braised wings. It was quite a treat to try something so different.

For the other appetiser to share, we ordered the Fried Mantous with Curry Dip (RM4.20). If you prefer something on the sweet side, there’s also condensed milk, if I remember correctly. The curry is not in the least spicy, but is creamy and soaked up well into the fried bread nuggets.

My friend opted for the Fresh Tomato Fried Egg and Fish Belly with Rice ้ฒœ่Œ„็‚’่›‹ ้ฅญ( RM8.90). It was served very quickly and looked very inviting. As he polished it off in record speed (i.e. I didn’t get to try any), I suppose it was good.

My choice was the Roasted Honey SpareRibs Vegetable Rice (RM8.50). It was okay, similar tasting to what you can find in Kimgary etc.

If you love food from Kimgary or other HK Cha Chan Tengs in KL, this would be another new addition that will appeal to you. Plus, choices are aplenty and prices reasonable to draw in groups of uni students staying around this area. Service is a bit lacking if you’re seated at the train-like booth seats as it’s a little hidden from view of the counter. Parking is ample though, which is always a big plus.

Sun Wong ๆ–ฐๆ—บ้ฆ™ๆธฏ่Œถ้คๅŽ…
D-3-1, D-2-1, D-3A-1,
Block D, Unit 47,49, 51-LG2,
Ground Level, Jalan 13/6,
72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya

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  1. J2Kfm said

    hmmm, interesting place. the other day I went for Kissaten, passing by Sun Wong, tot it’s high end Chinese dining pulak … ๐Ÿ™‚

    coffee braised chicken wings? fusion!

    epicuriousgirl says: yeah the sign does seem to indicate it’s one of those banquet dinner places. well, owned by overseas group ma.

  2. mimi said

    I like the tomato fried egg but it’s a bit too wet~~

    epicuriousgirl says: can starch it up by adding some pre-marinated meat (with oil & cornstarch).

  3. Simon Seow said

    I’m interested in the Fresh Tomato Fried Egg and Fish Belly with Rice

    epicuriousgirl says: me too!

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