Nerovivo, KL

Nerovivo or meaning “Shining Life” has indeed become so of the restaurants around this area. The place sees a good lunch and dinner crowd and reservations are best made. Located at the corner, parking is a bit of an issue as the road is tight as it is. But if you don’t mind walking, there’s always “creative parking” along the road shoulder. Heh.

We were a bit late in making reservations for our group so we were given a table in the garden. It was actually a blessing in disguise as the weather was gorgeous and we didn’t have to put up with cigar smoke. 😛

We started by breaking bread with the olive oil with balsamic vinegar dip. The flatbread and olive foccacia were a bit cold, but much appreciated as we needed something to stave off the hunger pangs.

Nevertheless, the bread was an excellent accompaniment for our Brodetto of mussels, clams and baby cuttlefish in a light Liguria broth (RM24). Even though Brodetto means Little Soup, this soup was anything but. It tasted gloriously rich with the essence of mussels, tomato, and lightly infused with herbs.

The simple Caesar Salad (RM26) of romaine greens topped with parmesan shards. Even though the secret is normally in the dressing, I’ve always loved the crunch of the fresh croutons that went with it. I’d have appreciated more croutons but still, it was a lovely salad.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi (4 cheeses) (RM46) and Pizza Teca Slice (RM34). The 4 cheeses pizza was actually requested by my boss who used to work in an Italian eatery during her uni days. Not in the menu, but the chef was so kind to comply. It was heavenly. Thin, flaky crust topped with the yummy cheeses, esp. the ricotta and made the more tasty by the tart sweetness of the sliced pear.

The Pizza Teca was recommended by our waiter, who said it was one of his favourites. The toppings included tomato, mozzarella, mixed mushrooms, turkey ham, and rucola (rocket). The slight peppery taste from the rocket leaves accentuated the other ingredients which made this pizza quite a delight to eat.

Angel Hair al dente aglio (RM18 ) was another dish we shared. This was a satisfying dish even though I found it more on the oily side.

We all loved the Lamb loin with mediterranean cous cous and grilled vegetables (RM62). The taste, texture of the lamb meat was unctuous and just perfect.

The braised Lamb shank with saffron risotto (RM48 ) came highly recommended but even though the lamb shank was meltingly tender, we didn’t enjoy the risotto as much. This lamb dish just couldn’t compare to the others.

With all that red meat consumed, we wanted something different and ordered a Grilled Norwegian salmon with spinach ravioli and creamy prawns (RM52). The ravioli was nondescript in all honesty but the creaminess of the salmon and prawns were well-flavoured.

One of the specials of the night – herb crusted lamb rack. (RM62) Also one of the better lamb dishes of the night.

Dessert of the night was Tiramisu with croquante and red fruit compote (RM18 ). I thought it was quite nice but I wasn’t digging into it much as I was already very stuffed. We also had some gelato at RM7 per scoop to share and the same drizzle was used which just gave all the desserts a same general taste. Heh.

Lunch on a following occasion;

The inside of the restaurant, with the skylit bar counter, and gorgeous, pensieve sandra knuyt paitings. Sitting inside for dinners could mean a noisier ambience as the chatter of conversation all around can create quite a din. But for lunch, we were lucky to be able to choose a more quiet corner as it wasn’t as crowded as for dinner.

Started off with the flatbread. Love the mini skillet containing the balsamic vinegar & olive oil dip.

Seafood Fritto Misto of tiger prawns, scallops, calamari and onion rings (RM48). This was perfect to share between the two of us. We loved the fried julienned vegetables, esp. the zucchini. So different from the boring old french fries :P.

We got quite ambitious and decided to order Quattro Stagioni Pizza to share. The pizza had quarters of artichokes, mushrooms, turkey ham and beef salami toppings. Needless to say, we couldn’t finish it and had to bring most of it back.

Despite the 15 min wait for the Warm dark chocolate flan on white chocolate sauce dessert (RM20), we decided to order that. It took more than 15 mins but was worth waiting for. The flan itself had a slight crisp shell but held such molten promise. Preferred it much more to the tiramisu, to be honest. It was a nice end to the lunch.

After 2 meals there, I’m still finding things on the menu that surprises me so no hesitation from me if anyone wants to go there again. Lol. I would say reservations are necessary as the expats favour this place a lot. Even my expat clients say that they go there at least once a week. Service is quite friendly and attentive and our waiter was very knowledgeable and helpful, which is a definite plus.

Nerovivo (www)
3A, Jalan Ceylon
50200 Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03-20703120

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  1. wmw said

    Malaysians are well known for creative parking…Hahaha! Looks like you ate here on several occasions, daytime and night time.

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, creative parker here. guilty as charged 😛

    and i was only at nerovivo twice. 😛

  2. cumi&ciki said

    love this place! second only to nero teca! lol 🙂 same-same

    epicuriousgirl says: i’ve been meaning to go to neroteca. but the weekend i tried, they were closed for a week for some reno works. next time perhaps.

  3. MisSmall said

    The food looks even yummier in your pictures than they do in real life. 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, thank you 🙂

  4. wah thats a bumper review..

    i didnt like the pasta when i was there..although the huge steak was awesome..

    come to think abt it, theres so many italian restaurants i have yet to try, so dis is goin to take awhile b4 i return

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, we didn’t really have much of the pasta as you can see. more meat & pizza so we were quite pleased with our selections. yup, lots of other italian restos out there.

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