Warung Wardani, Bali

Did anyone miss me? Lol. Was in Bali briefly for work, and even though it was a short trip, we managed to get our foodie lust satiated. There are two national dishes in Bali, one the succulent babi guling (roasted suckling pig), the other, the unassuming nasi campur (steaming white rice served with a few side dishes). And we love them both. A local recommended us some spots for such authentic offerings and we sure didn’t hesitate to try them.

the must try joint for nasi campur is Warung Wardani. Its popularity is evident as even the cabbie didn’t need directions and managed to find the place. Already cars lined the small road alongside it and only a small sign announced its purpose as from the outside, it looked like any ordinary house. In the adjoining yard, piles of firewood are stacked high for the use of the traditional firewood stove. The smoky, distinctive taste of firewood cooked food will be apparent in the dishes we were about to partake. Only a few tables grace the space inside, and a glass cabinet displays some other snacks that are sold as souvenirs such as crispy pork rind, deep fried chicken feet skin, peanuts etc.

For drinks to cool us down, the waitress recommended Es Dawet and Es Daluman. These two iced drinks feature coconut milk and palm sugar heavily. The iced Dawet is similar to our Malaysian cendol, but has a starchy, bouncy bite to it. The iced Daluman is some kind of green herbal jelly made from a jungle vine leaf (Daun Camcao) and has cooling and antioxidant properties, not unlike our cincau. Even though it was a little on the sweet side, both tasted very refreshing.

Warung Wardani’s nasi campur is of the halal version and does not feature pork. Instead, the accompanying dishes are sate lilit (fish satay), sate sapi (beef satay), sayur nangka (young jackfruit stewed in coconut milk), sayur kacang panjang (long beans), telur pindang (boiled egg), dendeng sapi (beef jerky), ayam suwir pedas (spicy chicken with chilli & lime) and some rempeyek udang (crispy deep fried prawns).

The portions are considered smaller in comparison to some other places offering them in Bali. But we weren’t complaining as there was so much to try and soon, we finished all the white rice which wasn’t enough to go around with all the dishes. Lol. The authentic Balinese Nasi Campur features a mixture of dishes that will play with the flavours of sweet, spicy, salty etc. And it did just that. The accompanying sambal was fiery yet tinged with a tad of sweetness. Most of the dishes were quite lovely even though the beef was quite tough but it had truly infused all the taste of the spices used. I was disappointed with the sate lilit though, having tasted better even in Malaysia! It was bland, and flat.

Must admit that even though overall it was quite tasty and worth a try, I do prefer the earlier versions of Balinese Nasi Campur I’ve tried. Also, I thought that this place was a bit pricey as we were charged Rp25,000 for each portion, based on our bill. Yet most reviews I have read said that the special version only costs Rp17,500? Wonders if there’s some miscalculation or surcharge for non-Indonesians.

Warung Wardani
Jl. Yudistira, No: 2,
Tel: 0361 224 398

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  1. dann said

    This is definitely the post. I heard that one gotta try out Babi Guling while in Bali, Indonesia. I’ll be heading there this end of October, thus your post certainly could be my guidance on food hunting. Thanks, i appreciate it. =)

    epicuriousgirl says: good food must always be shared what. glad to be of help. and yes, babi guling is a must! may be there end of Oct too! 🙂

  2. I was actually rather disappointed by the food in Bali during my last visit there but your post has resurrected just a wee bit of faith in me… time for a revisit methinks!

    epicuriousgirl says: i have had lousy food there too (mostly catering for the caucasians) but lucky the local food hasn’t failed me yet.

  3. hu hu hu.. i think i will love the food here

    epicuriousgirl says: what’s not to love? :p

  4. mimi said

    I didnt try nasi campur when I was in Bali 😦

    epicuriousgirl says: Next trip?

  5. JeromeFo said

    1st time hear about Nasi Campur.
    Got satay one somemore…

    epicuriousgirl says: Nasi Campur is very much the local’s staple food. The Balinese normally add satays to their dishes and call it the “special version”. 🙂

  6. cumi&ciki said

    help! iv been hit by an acute case of the wonderlust! your article just made me miss bali all over again… boo hoo 😀

  7. gosh!! im dying to try those..n babi guling of coz

  8. […] version of Nasi Campur which has substantially more types of dishes than Warung Wardani. But I would also say that this is the jazzed up version. No satay, but it has prawns, beef, lots […]

  9. Wah Enak sekali ini,tankyou Resepnya ya!

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