Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum, DJ

We were planning to try this newly opened place last week but the queue was so long that we gave up and went to King Crab. So this weekend, we woke up earlier to try our luck. Still as packed. But the wait was only 5 mins. Phew. It was only upon being seated that we realised that this is a branch of Kam Hin in Kuchai Lama. Difference is that this shop doesn’t serve dim sum the whole day. And oh, that the decor is nicer.

Freshly steamed dim sum are placed on trays and brought to tables waiting to be chosen. This cheese topped mussels caught my eye as it’s not one of your everyday dim sum dishes. Underneath all that cheese is chopped prawns and pork and the combination is surprisingly a great one. The sweetness from the seafood with the meat and cheese blended well together.

i’m not quite sure what these dumplings are, but it was filled with generous chunks of prawns, minced meat and spring onions. Quite fresh.

These are seafood dumplings. Thin, translucent skin showing the promising filling of mixed seafood chunks.

Rice Rolls with a mix of both char siew and prawns. As the filling was not equally distributed, there were times when we got only the rice roll with no filling. But overall, quite tasty.

I was surprised to find bits of salted egg in the century egg & lean meat porridge. But it went well together, and tasted yummy. Texture was what I like too.

Char Siew Bao or BBQ pork buns. Even though it looks good, we thought it wasn’t hot enough. Cold char siew = not agreeable with us.

Deep fried prawn dumplings. The pastry was a little on the thick side, but tasted very crunchy.

The Wu Kok or yam puffs were not that nice as the yam skin was quite thick.

For dessert, we chose the Cempedak Puff Roll as the cempedak fruit was in season. The sweet flesh was wrapped in kataifi pastry and deep fried. It was really good, but a bit on the sweet side which was mostly due to the fruit itself. Filling was a bit less here, but considering the sweetness levels, it was good enough. Love this dessert idea!

There were many other interesting dishes being served, including marmite spare ribs and the yummy fried glutinous rice (which we tried in the other shop) but we were a little stuffed by now. So all we could do was salivate while watching the table next to us choosing their fried goodies.

I would say that overall, they have maintained the standards of their pioneer in Kuchai Lama and they also have some hits & misses but prices are quite reasonable for the wide choices they have and the generous amount of ingredients used. Worth a visit.

Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
59, 61 & 63, Jln SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
47300 P.Jaya,
Tel: 7729 6866

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  1. cold charsiew=not agreeable with cumi&ciki either, too 😀 that mussel cheese concoction looks swell! i would zoom in on that as well.. good choice!

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, it was a terrific combination. 🙂

  2. oooh, I guess they are out to fight with the other dim sum place there, as I heard they are great rivals. Saw this place the other day, when I drove past, must go check it out. p/s I hate cold char siu filling too!

    epicuriousgirl says: oh? thanks for the trivia. haven’t tried the so-called “rivals” 😛

  3. mimi said

    The cempedak dessert is new to me ~.~

    epicuriousgirl says: think it’s offered according to season only. but i love deep fried cempedak so this def. scores points with me.

  4. Tam Ciak said


    If you ever have the chance to try real Hong Kong dim sum, you’ll definitely like it. It’s much bigger in size, more ingredients inside and juicier!!! Yummy!! Eat also will make you feel satisfied 😀

    I just came back from HK last month and still miss those dim sum. M’sia one no fight!!

    Tam Ciak
    Penang Tua Pui

    epicuriousgirl says: actually, i’m planning to go to HK next year so I look forward to recommendations from you! 🙂

  5. kw said

    Love it….good spot. Highly recommended. There is another sub outlet in Kuchai Lama called Restoran Kam Hin

  6. […] is my favourite (workday lunch-break) Dimsum place for now.. Who else ate here? Kampungboycitygal She, the epicuriousgirl Food4Thot Add: Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong, No. 59, 61 & 63 Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya […]

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