Artoholic Singapore

We were driving down Joo Chiat Road when we noticed this place called Artoholic. Thinking it was an art gallery, we decided to pop in but was pleasantly surprised to see that it also doubles up as a cafe.

The decor is almost minimalistic, with concrete rendered walls & floors, wooden blocks for stools/chairs etc. The bar counter is towards the back of the shop, whereas displayed art feature prominently in the front. They have their menu nicely drawn out on this blackboard arch which does serve as an eye-catching feature. The

This is Spicy Eggie, a toasted sandwich with curried mayo eggs with onions & celery. Filling was a little lacking for such a thick toast but tasted okay.

Duo of Tomato bruschetta which is tomatoes with olive oil, cheese & homemade caesar dressing. The toasted bruschetta was crisp and warm. This tasted better than the sandwich.

Mocha. Served with a ginger cookie. Love the stirring spoon.

Well as Artoholic is mostly cafe food, there’s really nothing spectacular about its offerings. But thought I’ll just bring up this place for anyone frequeting Joo Chiat road much. As we were leaving, also saw this other shop Egg3 down the block. Well, well, Joo Chiat is becoming quite trendy! The lifestyle boutique is very hip and a little kitschy but it’s quite a treasure trove. I could spend hours there just browsing!

Some pics;

the counter. i saw nooka watches! /swoons. i so want one.

knick knacks and such. they have some really nice bags!

i ❤ that sheep bag but bit pricey after conversion so couldn’t bring myself to buy it. And when this painted piece on the old school tiles caught my eye, couldn’t resist snapping it. Nice surprise 😛

Artoholic (www)
422 joo chiat road,
singapore 427642



  1. cumi&ciki said

    was gonna say… that bread does look huge.. ! cool gallery btw:)

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, yup. thanks!

  2. sofood said

    never of this eatery before..thanks for the snapshots and intro 🙂 you’re based in S’pore or M’sia..just curious as I worked in S’pore previously.

    epicuriousgirl says: Hi, thanks for visiting. I am based mainly in M’sia. 🙂

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