Ah Yat Dim Sum, PJ

As much as my dad loves food, nothing calls to his heart like chinese cuisine. So for Father’s Day, I decided to treat him to a good old-fashioned yum cha session. Chose Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant in PJ as I wanted something that had a nice ambience with food that was above average.

The captain recommended the Pork Trotters in Black Vinegar (猪脚醋) and knowing that my dad loves pork trotters we did have some. It was served with one whole egg and the sweetish vinegar sauce has seeped in well.

I opted for Century Egg Porridge (皮蛋粥) which was very fine and smooth. I love this type of porridge so needless to say, after giving some to my dad, I licked the bowl clean! The portion is bigger than the usual soup bowl size in restaurants, and was served with crispy dough crullers and sliced spring onions.

The Braised Beef Tendon (牛腩煲) was added later as I didn’t spot it in the beginning. We both love tendons so we were delighted to see quite a bit of it added to the beef slices. The meat wasn’t as tender as I liked it, but tasted quite ok lah. Quite a few cubes of white radish were also visible and those has a nice bite to it.

Steamed Cheong Fun with Prawn (鲜虾肠粉). The rice rolls were a bit thick but prawns were fresh. No chilli oil on the side though. Had to ask for it on a side dish.

The regular, Steamed Prawn Dumpling (阿一虾饺皇) was also ordered. I don’t really see the usual translucence I’m used to but it tasted pretty decent. Instead of using whole prawns, they used marinated prawn chunks which does add to the flavour.

The Pan Fried Turnip Cake (香煎萝卜糕) had shredded turnips in them. A little too soft both on the inside and outside than what I prefer but tastewise it was delicious. I like it crispier, esp. on the outside.

Deep Fried Yam Dumplings (炸竽角). Now this I heart. The yam pastry was light and fluffy and utterly delectable. So good that I can’t remember the filling, Lol.

This is Steamed Pork Ribs with Bitter Gourd (凉瓜蒸排骨). The bittergourd flavour was not that prominent so no worries about bitterness here. Most of the ribs here had cartilage in them, which I liked.

The Steamed Mini Shanghai Dumpling (上海小笼包) looks so inviting, with the soup all pooled within. Steamed on sliced carrots, the skin had a slight tinge of the carrot’s sweetness. Best eaten while still piping hot.

Steamed Fish Balls (香蒸鱼卖) are not normally my favourites during a dim sum meal. But these were quite good as it had bits of stuff in it, which I think is celery.

I asked for the Mango Pomelo Dessert (杨枝甘露) after all the other food. This is one of my favourite Hong Kong style desserts as the creamy and milky sago, balanced with the soft mango and slightly tart pomelo pulp tastes incredible. I quite like the version here but thought the mango milk tasted a lill artificial.

The service here is quite good, with the waiting staff filling your cups almost every 5 minutes. And they have this ongoing discount promotion of 50% on weekdays, 30% on weekends, which does make the food quite affordable. So worth a visit for those wanting a more luxurious ambience than your usual dim sum restaurant.

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant 阿一鲍鱼富临酒家
Lot 9B, Jalan Kemajuan
Section 13
Petaling Jaya

Tel no: 03-79604988/79604288

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  1. cumi&ciki said

    i like the sounds of dat 50% promotions! lol 🙂 cool.

    epicuriousgirl says: i like the sound of any discount! 😛

  2. just had it last sunday..was decent dim sum i guess..but this was at avenue K

    epicuriousgirl says: avenue k is too quiet for my liking so I went to the PJ one instead. Quite good crowd, and yes, the dim sum is just mediocre considering the restaurant’s fame on good food.

  3. Motormouth said

    wow, you did order a lot eh? 🙂
    50 % discount sounds fine, just like how Tai Thong used to have half price promotion on certain days.
    it’s the 1st time I heard about the mango-pomelo-sago dessert.
    sounds like a good combo

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, yes we did overdo it a little. But I wanted to give my dad a treat! He’s rarely in town so it was a good yum cha session 🙂 We went home, stuffed but satisfied. Lol.

  4. Yeah, that promo makes it affordable or else I doubt I will step into that place.

    epicuriousgirl says: yup! it was the promo that made me chose that place.

  5. wmw said

    Just love dim sum! Don’t mind eating it again and again…I love the mango pomelo dessert too!

    epicuriousgirl says: i love my dim sum too!

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