Restoran Loke Yun, Ampang.

We were working at a site somewhere around Jalan Ampang when my electrician asked me if I wanted to try this really scrumptious chicken rice. Jumped at the chance and I found myself in the heart of pekan Ampang. The shop my electrician hustled me into was packed despite it being nearly 2:30pm.

We went by the back entrance into the air-conditioned section before I noticed that there was a non air-conditioned section in the front. From my table, I could see participation certs in the Guang Ming King of Hainan Chicken Rice Competition, which saw the Top 10 Hainan Chicken Rice chefs battle it out to be the best. You can opt for kampung chicken if you want too, which has meat that has more of a bite to it. A bowl of chinese cabbage soup, along with fragrant rice (could see bits of ginger within the fluffy rice) were served first. While waiting for the chicken to be served, dished out the chilli and pounded ginger paste. The chilli is truly something, with tangy lime and bits of garlic. Could have licked the condiment dish clean. Lol.

The chicken is apparently steamed instead of being treated to the hot water bath. The chopped up pieces are placed atop a bed of cucumber slices, and lightly doused with light soya sauce and topped with a bit of fried shallots. Sure looked inviting and I can vouch for the tenderness of the flesh after my first bite. We also ordered a side of chicken intestines mix, which meant that sliced chicken gizzards were thrown in for good measure.

With all that meat going around, we needed some greens to balance it out so a portion of bean sprouts were ordered. Lightly blanched, it was seasoned with light soy sauce & oil before being garnished with sliced spring onions. Firm and crunchy, the taste and texture was a testament to its freshness.

I did think that the meal was quite tasty though not the best in its category. Worth a try if you’re in the area.

Restoran Loke Yun 安邦乐园鸡饭店(www)
158, Jalan Besar,
68000 Ampang.
Tel :03-42919884.

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  1. cumi&ciki said

    sounds good! i should really try and find the place first… 😛

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, true. I was driven there and there were quite a few small roads taken… not sure if I can find my own way back.

  2. ohhh startin to miss chicken rice now..

    epicuriousgirl says: lol. lucky for you, chicken rice is widely available ler. 😛

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