Roma Pizza, Avenue K

It’s not been a good week foodwise. Was hoping to discover some new eateries towards the end of the week but my body chose not to co-operate and I ended up feeling way poorly. But still, all’s not wasted as I managed to try a new pizza place mid-week, and there’s a whole long weekend. I have had to pop by KL more than usual due to an ongoing project so I get to lunch with a friend whose office is just opposite my site.

Situated in Avenue K, Roma Pizza C.L.U.B caught our eyes due to the lunch crowd. And I was a bit intrigued with the way they served the pizza, in a rectangular shape instead of the customary round. The shop itself is not very big, but looks spacious thanks to the trickery and effect of mirrors. I noticed quite a few people lunching there on their own, and I suppose that’s why the proprietors came up with the bar area, complete with mini monitors for the singles to enjoy while partaking their lunch.

Decided to share a Seafood Salad with my friend to start. Boiled squid, prawn, mussel and crabstick were tossed with a mixed leafy salad and lemon dressing. It was light and mild. And I liked how the dressing didn’t overpower the taste of the salad yet complimented it as the way it should be.

While going through the pizza choices, we ended up considering the “Basiculus” and the “Carmelo” pizza but ended up going for the former as recommended by the waiter. All their pizzas are thin crusts and come in planks of 24″ x 6″. As the chef makes the pizza fresh upon each order, waiting time can hover between 15 to 25 mins as I saw him bake them one by one. The menu said that our pizza toppings included mozzarella, eggplant, wild mixed mushroom, beef salami & fresh basil.

The presentation was good, and it smelt lovely! It tasted pretty good whilst it was still hot but towards the last couple of pieces, it had cooled down and didn’t taste as nice as it was drying up by then. But to give it credit, the thin crust pizza base was good as it was crisp and had that cracker-like crunch. My only grouse was that all the ingredients were sliced just as thin! As the eggplant was julienned, I couldn’t taste much of it and the wild mixed mushroom was basically just thinly sliced white button mushrooms. And the basil used was the dried herb type, which I really don’t think classifies as fresh basil. So yes, I was a little disappointed as I had too high an expectation after the highly tempting description in the menu.

But despite that, I’ll still return if I have the chance as the selection is pretty good and I do like the thin crust. Will just have to bring a couple more friends so that ithe pizza is polished off even before it can be allowed to cool down, lol. The waiting staff are also quite friendly, which is always a plus.

Roma Pizza C.L.U.B
Lot C-7, Avenue K,
156, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. wmw said

    Cool looking place…have only been to Avenue K once! Haven’t eaten there before.

    epicuriousgirl says: I’ve never been to Avenue K until this year! And there’s really nothing much there so I’m not surprised about the lack of people there.

  2. mind me to ask, how much is the meal?

    epicuriousgirl says: about RM60 for the pizza, salad and drinks. The pizza was RM30, and the salad RM12. 🙂

  3. I always seem to forget abt this place when I am in KLCC. Sigh! we often end up at the Jap place upstairs instead.

    epicuriousgirl says: I’m sure you’ll have the chance to try them soon.

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