Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Shaw Parade

i have heard about the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant situated in The Gardens for sometime now but since I’m being quite the slow poke in catching on to these new malls, i remained blissfully unaware of tea inspired cuisine until a birthday gathering initiated my first visit to one of these Purple Cane tea restaurants. However, the Gardens it was not, but the rather forgotten Shaw Parade that we ventured into.

The restaurant was bustling by the time we arrived, an encouraging sign. And the interior design was pleasing to my eye, which brought such a refreshing change to the rather dingy surroundings. i loved the liberal use of the b&w honeycomb mosaic tiles on the floor, the spray-painted white chinese lattice doors and even the painted paper lanterns.

Once we were seated, we were served braised peanuts. No idea if tea leaves are one of the ingredients in this small appetiser dish but thumbs up from me for this yummy plate of goodies. i’m always a little biased towards chinese restaurants which serve these instead of the boring old salted peanuts. Lol.

The delicately fragrant Jasmine Tea (香片) was our choice. Both the teapot and the dainty teacup were more to look at in comparison to its white china cousins in chinese coffeeshops. Haha, yes, I believe in nice crockery and servingware to enhance one’s gastronomic experience. The rice served here is normally the Green Tea Rice, which is basically rice cooked with tea leaves. True enough bits and pieces of tea can be found within the fluffy grains but it tasted just like white rice. So much for tea flavoured rice.

One of the dishes we had was the Stir fried Chicken Slice with Jambu and Tea (龙井莲雾鸡片). It was quite an inconceivable combination but somehow they managed to pull it off. The use of the pink, juicy jambu together with celery managed to compliment the chicken slices (which I believe wasn’t marinated). Once again, the taste of tea was lacking. As a whole, it was a dish that retained much of its natural flavours.

The Sauteed Prawns in Cheese Dressing and Orange with Tea (龙井芝士香橙虾) was surprisingly good. Though the taste wasn’t attributed to the tea leaves nor the orange flavour as both were barely discernable. But the cheesy sauce coating the prawns more than made up for it.

Homemade Pan Fried Egg with Tomato, Prawn & Tea Mill (茶原炒蛋). This dish is no stranger in my household even though we normally use meat in lieu of the prawns.

The Stir Fried String Bean with Tea Mill (乌龙桂豆) was nice and crisp. Topped with preserved radish, it was quickly polished off.

Our last dish was the Sambal Cuttlefish in Tea Sauce (三岜苏东). It was in one word, spicy. I could only taste the chilli and little else. Not exactly impressive, imho.

After our dinner, we decided to share all the desserts they had. Clockwise there was Green Tea Peanut Paste (花生绿茶糊), Almond Beancurd in Black Tea (红茶杏仁豆腐), Rose Water Chestnut Paste (玫瑰马蹄羹) and Black Tea Red Bean Paste (相思红茶糊). Out of the four, I like the rose water chestnut paste the best as it reminded me of the Vietnamese water chestnut drinks, but smelt wonderful with the rose water. The red bean paste tasted a little weird, as it was a little on the salty side. Nor did I like the almond beancurd as I am not the biggest fan of almond powder, as I’m convinced it smells like cockroaches. Lol.

i was initially a little sceptical about trying food with tea incorporated into it but my verdict in the end is that the taste of the tea was way too subtle, to the extent of being negligible. even though i had no complaints about the standards of the food, i did feel that the usage of tea leaves was a little gimmicky. it’s easy to think that one is eating healthier when partaking of such dishes, as I did. Yet I must admit that I won’t hesitate trying other dishes in their tea restaurants again as the menu still seems quite intriguing.

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant (www) 紫藤茶原
LotGL-02, Ground Floor, Shaw Parade
Changkat Thambi Dollah
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2145 3090

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  1. J2Kfm said

    yeah, the tea did not seem overpowering at all … save for some specific dishes. The tofu is very nice, you did not have it? I kind of like the green tea peanut paste, though can’t really detect the tea in it, save for some buds as decor ….

    epicuriousgirl says: Nope, didn’t know about the tofu. But looking at other reviews, it’s a must order huh? Will keep it in mind. Thanks.

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