Over the Weekend

decided to laze at home over the weekend as it was far too hot to go anywhere. instead of eating out or resorting to the usual instant noodles, was a little more rajin in whipping up something for brunch and dinner…

4 cheese tortellini with mushrooms & spinach. did a lazy person’s trick by using canned mushroom soup, lol.

angel hair tossed with olive oil, garlic powder, chilli flakes and some mushroom cubes. simple, but one of my favourites anytime.

18 organic grain buns with filling – mayo chicken, avocado & egg and bacon & mushrooms. this involved more work but the yummy factor was worth every bit of it.

grilled dory fish fillet & scallops. no idea why my scallops ended up looking so miserable. drizzled a little plum sauce over the fish for taste.

and yes, i notice that i eat far too much pasta, mushrooms and dory fish. but at least i’m easy to cook for. lol.



  1. the buns looks gorgeous! i find it hard to get ready ripe avocados at none throat slitting prices..rm5 for a piece?? i used to get it for AUD1 a piece..ready to be eaten as well..

    epicuriousgirl says:hehe, thanks. i normally get the avocados at 3 for RM10 from my local fruits shop.

  2. cumi&ciki said

    you may be easy to cook for.. but there’s nothing simple r boring about your cooking! still amazed at the stuff you whip up. PRO (why can’t i cook she whines…)

    epicuriousgirl says:heh. thanks.

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