Restoran Sin Yit Sing, Seremban

After a job stint in Seremban, we were looking for a place to have a decent dinner. And we vaguely remembered this restaurant so we made our way there. The 2 shoplot restaurant had quite a few extra tables placed outside but as it was raining, most of the inside tables were occupied. Lucky we managed to grab one of the last free tables. From where I was seated, I could see a cardboard cutout of Jason of “Taste with Jason” (阿贤人情味) placed at the entrance. Good food sign? We’ll be finding out!

As usual freshly chopped chillies and garlic are served whilst we waited. My colleagues ordered the sea coconut drinks which was served in a plastic container. The drink had other beneficial ingredients such as red dates (红枣), longans and snow ears (雪耳).

Decided to have the Coconut Chicken Soup (椰子鸡), a nourishing soup. The chicken, together with various chinese medicinal herbs is placed in an old coconut, and double steamed (炖) for at least 2 hours before being served. The old coconut is chosen because the tough & hardened flesh retains the taste and benefits of the coconut milk and oil which will seep out into the soup once it’s double steamed for hours.

The soup here does indeed taste sweet and tummy-warming. Subtle traces of the coconut flavour can be tasted, which doesn’t overpower the herbal chicken soup. It’s a bit on the oily side, as the skin of the chicken wasn’t removed before cooking but still very delicious. Plus, it’s reputed to do wonders for the females due to its medicinal and beauty benefits. Each coconut costs RM16 and is enough to share between 2-3 people.

As we were walking in earlier, noticed that almost every table had ordered the Fish Head Noodles (鱼头米) apart from the famous Seremban grilled crabs. We didn’t feel like crabs as it was too much work for a quick dinner so we ordered the next most popular, these noodles. The woman taking our orders recommended their fresh fishballs too so we decided to add those into the noodles.

Their version of the Fish Head Noodles is served in the usual milky soup base, but tasted very peppery. For that reason alone, I ended up not liking the noodles much. It was hard to savour the complex flavours when one’s tongue was feeling numb over the abundance of ground pepper used. We didn’t get to finish this even though we had all the fried fish and fishballs, which were incidentally fresh enough and bouncy. The noodles were priced at RM15 per serving.

Opted to have a simple stir-fried leafy vegetable (奶白) to end the meal. RM10 per plate.

Judging from the dinner crowd, I expect that this restaurant is quite well-known amongst the locals. What we had was decent but I can’t help feeling as if I missed out on something. Maybe local Seremban folks can recommend better dishes or even better eating places?

Restoran Sin Yit Sing 新日昇餐馆
103, Taman A.S.T.,
Jalan Labu Lama,
70000 Seremban.


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