Myojo Charumera Shio Noodles

it has been a busy week at work. plus i’m out of gas at home so i’ve turned to the simple solution that’s fast and hassle free – cup noodles! Lol.

Spotted this japanese cup noodles at Shojikiya, a Japanese food specialty store in Hartamas Shopping Centre a few weeks back and it’s been sitting on my shelf since. Shio noodles actually just mean ramen noodles in a clear, salt broth (usually Chicken). The noodle sellers used a type of musical horn (the charumera) to announce their presence in selling their ramen & gyoza dumplings , hence the cute illustration on the cup.

To my surprise when I opened the lid, there are freeze dried dumplings in them, apart from the usual vegetables. 3 mins after pouring in the boiling hot water, voila! A delicious hot cup of noodles complete with soft yummy dumplings. Too bad they’re on the small side 😛


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