Kedai Makanan May King, Jalan Yew


i was actually looking for another eatery around this area when I stumbled upon this shop. my colleague had sung her praises for the Lum Mee (淋面) here so decided to try it out for myself.

The eatery is air-conditioned, and their specialties posted on the glass panes at the restaurant’s facade. Upon entering, you wait to be assigned to a table… their business must be quite good as they have a sign informing patrons that sharing tables is the norm. Heh.

ordered a lemon drink (柠檬金吉) which was quite good. sipped on the icy, sourish liquid while waiting for our food to come.


Finally the noodles arrived, drenched in a starchy, eggy sauce and topped with chicken shreds, prawns, spring onions, fried shallots etc. the thick noodles balance out the otherwise saltier, but immensely flavourful gravy dotted with egg shreds, chicken threads and other unidentified bits. but what i really liked was how smooth and silky the chicken shreds were. i think that the “chicken soup kway teow” (鸡丝沙河粉) will be really quite fabulous with such yummy chicken shreds.

the small dish of chilli paste given is fiery and quite the mouth numbing. but it’s so good that i couldn’t help dipping the fish meat balls we ordered into it again and again. the meat balls were flavoured with bits of dried cuttlefish and had a nice texture. it was not as bouncy as those commercial ones, which is a good thing. more of the real deal than artificial flavouring and other flour agents.

this place has definitely lived up to its fame of having one of the best Lum Mees in KL but the next time I’m around that area, I’ll definitely be checking out the Sa Hor Fun. 🙂

Kedai Makanan May King 美景茶餐室
38, Jalan Yew,
(off Jalan Pudu),
Kuala Lumpur.

note: Closed Mondays.

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  1. mei said

    omg! that chili luks lk sumthn i wanna try!!! i luv HOT.. never hot enuf! lol, Great blog!

  2. you got to try their dry curry chicken..i usually like my lam mee done in hor fun..their normal soup chicken hor fun wasnt any special when i went, as far as i know the shop owner hates to get this kind of order bcoz their special is lam mee..

  3. Simon Seow said

    I’m not a fan of lum mee. Dry curry mee yes.

  4. @ mei : thanks. the chilli was good alright. read somewhere that they even charge 20cts for the second bowl… not sure if that’s true.

    @ lotsofcravings: the look of the curry chicken didn’t entice me much. 😛 but i have since tried their chicken hor fun and you’re right… not that special. bit bland, but just what i needed that day since i wasn’t feeling too well. 🙂

    @ simon: i’m not too big a fan of lum mee either but well, should always try THE specialty. Lol.

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