Seafood at Bukit Tambun, Penang

Upon leaving Penang for KL, we decided to stopover in Bukit Tambun for a seafood meal. As it’s situated by the river, the area sees fresh catches daily by fishermen nearby. As my eating companions have had their last seafood meal at the more touristy Gee Seng, we decided to try the restaurant somewhat opposite it, Restoran Jety.


When you see the 1st sign, just continue walking down the path into the restaurant (if you can call it that). Not sure why they have so many spelling variations between the signs outside or the ones inside but decided to follow the one inside the restaurant itself. the view from where we sat was quite nice as it was just by the river and some fishing boats were parked just next to us. the natural ambience was just so soothing and relaxing.


We ordered some Fried Glass Noodles (Tanghoon) and it was stir-fried with ingredients such as cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, garlic chives and prawns. The lingering smell of wok hei wafted through the air when it was placed on our table and we eagerly tucked in. Oh, it was good.


Next was chi lea (Siput Duri) or rather, spiky shellfish. toothpicks are given to pierce the flesh out of the shell. The chilli dip here was really shiok.


We also had the Salt & Pepper Mantis Prawns. The Mantis prawns were quite big, and were chopped up before being cooked.


Lastly we had the Steamed Tiger Fish. Actually I have no idea what the type of fish this is, but they ordered it as such and it was quite small, but delicious. the texture of the flesh was smooth and tasted really nice. perhaps this was also greatly attributed by the freshness of the fish.

we all left bukit tambun, satisfied and satiated. 🙂

Restoran Jety 船头海鲜楼
Bagan Bukit Tambun,
14110 Simpang Ampat,
Seberang Perai, Penang




  1. omg the fishies look so small!!! what happened to the skin?

    epicuriousgirl says:no idea. don’t even know what fish we’re eating… was recommended by a local so we thought we’ll try it out. the waitress did warn us it’s small but we just had no idea how small 😛

  2. teckiee said

    ohh the tiger fish is really interesting! small but look that the rahh rahh teeth!

    epicuriousgirl says:yeah, i know what u mean. one fierce looking midget of a fish.

  3. wmw said

    Fancy trying to suck out the clams from the siput duri! One will have added “accessories” to one’s lips! LOL!

    epicuriousgirl says:i’ve never tried! have you? lol

  4. Hazza said

    Really unusual dishes you got there! I am curious how the siput duri tasted like, anything like balitong? Are the tiger fish anything like the tiger barbs people keep in aquariums?

    epicuriousgirl says: more like river snails…balitong is a bit more, erm, slimy. i really have no idea what the tiger fish are really as it was recommended by a local so we thought we’ll just try them out.

  5. citygal said

    thx for ur sick of geeseng..too commercialized n exp

    epicuriousgirl says:i haven’t tried geeseng myself so i don’t know if it’s better… but i was pretty happy with what we had here. 🙂

  6. KY said

    wahh. the tiger fish looks very interesting

    epicuriousgirl says: yup. wish i could have seen what it looked like before being cooked. must have been a feisty little thing.

  7. mei said

    how DO you hold that spiky shellfish… even if you have to maneuver the toothpick.. thats wot i call a BOOBY trap dish.. hahaha

    epicuriousgirl says: just hold it by the tip of its tail, not too difficult. 😛

  8. dalone77 said

    this is one of my favourite place to makan….

    ur photo is so attractive…. tempting…

    mind to share what camera u use? camera on phone? U had done a great jobs…..

    epicuriousgirl says:thanks for visiting. Use mostly a Nikon D40X/Sony Cybershot DSCV-3 or my SE K850 for the photos.

  9. dolphing said

    Here are some recommended Restaurant in Bukit Tambn, ^^

  10. Sathis said

    Is this restaurant halal?

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