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I had one of the most decadent lunches in preparation for the upcoming CNY, thanks to a boss who gave us a treat. as i was lunching with mostly other businessmen, i had to secretly snap most of the photos with my mobile phone, hence the poor picture quality.

it was indeed a lunch fit for kings, as befitting of the restaurant’s tea king status. Brewing tea here is a skill, whereby the tea is transferred from zhisa teapot to mini glass pitcher to the small cups etc etc. even though i myself am not particularly bothered, i sure enjoyed the smooth taste of our Pu’er tea going down my throat. Heh. The restaurant is nicely decorated, with a antiquated yet modern chinese feel to it.


We started off lunch with the “Abalone & Salmon Yee Sang” (鲍鱼三文鱼生). The salmon slices are thicker than any of the yee sang platters i have had this year. Was surprised to see that tinned abalone slices were given too. The salmon and abalone slices were considered generous as everyone got a couple of slices each. most of the times, I don’t even see a sliver of salmon as it’s cut so thinly it’s good for shabu-shabu.


We also had Stir-fried Sharksfin with egg and fresh crabmeat (彩虹贵花翅) which was not too bad. Big chunks of crabmeat were visible, as was the strands of sharksfin. We later asked for fresh lettuce leaves to wrap the egg to eat.


Instead of the conventional sharksfin soup, the soup for our lunch was the “double boiled Sharksfin soup with sea treasure and chicken” (火烔鸡炖海味金线翅骨汤). It was indeed full of goodies such as shark’s bones, vietnamese ham, a whole chicken, scallops, figs, fish maw, clamshell etc etc. As a result, the soup was very sweet and tasty. The portion was so big that everyone could have 2 to 3 bowls!


We also had “Vietnamese Mixed Fruit Salad Rolls” (越南沙拉果酥) and “Steamed Angled Loofah with Garlic” (金银蒜蒸胜瓜). I didn’t like the rolls at all as the mixed fruit were too sweet and mushy for my liking. I also thought it wasn’t really necessary so I was a bit surprised the chefs included it in this set menu. The steamed angled loofah was good though, quite refreshing in comparison to the other “heavy” dishes.


CWZJ also has a few tanks with live seafood such as the Geoduck, Lobsters, Alaskan King Crabs, Snow Crabs, a wide array of fishes etc. Hence it was not surprising that the “American Geoduck Sashimi in 2 ways” (美国野生象拔蚌赤身) was included in our lunch. The geoduck was sliced thinly and placed on ice and a chicken & wolfberries soup stock was given. You could either have it with the wasabi provided or blanch it quickly in the boiling soup stock. As the geoduck was so fresh, it wasn’t really necessary to dip it into the soup. But the soup tasted so good that we drank it nevertheless.


By this time we were starting to feel up but there are more dishes to come! Next up was the “Deepfried Live Lobster with Chardonnay Sauce” (沙当妮白酒焗龙虾). The white wine sauce gave the deepfried lobster a creamy and gooey coating that reminded me shellfish cooked with salted eggs. The fresh lobster meat was so firm and sweet. Portion was substantial too and we didn’t manage to finish it (pity!) and had to have it doggybagged.


What’s a CNY meal without fish? The “Steamed Leopard Coral Trout with Soy Sauce” (清蒸海东星班) was another favourite as the fish was very fresh, hence the flesh’s texture was very firm and tasty. Sorry for only showing the fish bones but everyone had dug in by the time I managed to snap this.


My tummy was groaning by now but there was still the “Braised South African Abalone with Mushroom” (南非18头鲍鱼扣花菇)! Everyone got an abalone, mushroom and broccoli floret. Can I say delicious? 12 small abalones all in all!

There was actually an “Assorted Preserved Meats Rice in Claypot” (瓦腊味饭) but no one could managed anything so it was all packed for the boss to bring home.


Dessert was “Stewed White Snow Fungus with Longans”, a sweet tong sui to end the heavenly meal.

The price tag for this huge lunch? RM1388++. Hefty perhaps, but considering the dishes in the menu, the boss thought it was worth every penny. I’m really lucky to have the chance to join them for this meal as I probably won’t want to fork out this kind of dosh just for a meal, as extravagant as it is.

CWZJ Cuisine (The Home of Tea Kings)
8, Jalan 11/116B,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 7981 8714

Hours: Mon – Fri : 11:30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
Sat & Sun : 11:30am to 10pm

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  1. was abt to ask the price..wat a price to pay!..but it all looked sooo good, n i m sure calories was definitely not one people’s mind when they were eating

    epicuriousgirl says: after a few CNY meals, this seems quite reasonable with all the offering. but still, not a price i can afford…

  2. HyonG said

    had “borrowed” ur CWZJ Cuisine entry to our blog. Thanks 😉

    epicuriousgirl says:hope you enjoyed your meal there.

  3. Alan Tan said

    Wah yummy lunch , really fit for a king leh…….

    epicuriousgirl says:i know! felt so spoilt.

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