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LilyCenario is a cafe that offers healthy, organic food and doubles up as an art gallery of sorts. the decor is done up in mostly white, dotted with shades of blue for that clean, minimalist feel. the highlight of it all was definitely the hanging spiral crystal drops on clean fishing thread. it was rather interesting exploring the place. noticed that they had a corner for reading material on tarot cards, spiritual interests etc.


was having flu hence our waitress recommended the Crystal Lake from the Pretty Petals tea (RM7 per pot). Despite it being served beautifully, it tasted ok lah, but was no help whatsoever. 😛 Asked for plain water later and it was served in this clear mug imprinted with lemon/lime wedges. cute. however was a little miffed when I was charged RM0.60 for that cup of H2O. ah, the cost of pretty presentation.


for starters we had the Crispy Maki Salad, which was basically nori (seaweed) wrapped lettuce with tempura crumbs and mayonnaise. true to its name, it was cruncy and crispy, though a bit “vegan” for me. maybe i am too used to having more ingredients in a sushi roll.


i chose the Fettucine Broccoli (RM10.50) for my mains. instead of using only broccoli, cauliflower florets were also used. the fettucine was creamy and filling. it was lacking a little in saltiness, but for a no MSG restaurant, it was something I’d expect.


My friend opted for Chicken Chop (RM13.80) which was served with a house salad. the chicken meat was drenched with gravy which resulted in it being soft and tender to bite. however, this version didn’t impress me or my friend much.

food choice is actually quite wide here, with quite a bit of organic fare being offered. another plus point is their non-use of MSG. however, portion is small considering the prices charged. in comparison, the other organic joint i frequent seems more exciting to me. but if you’re into healthy food, and need some calm & peace, this is the place for you.

LilyCenario Cafe
No.1, Jalan 19/29,
Petaling Jaya,

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  1. GiGi said

    Hi…i just went for dinner at lily cenario just now…tis was the second time i been to this cafe…yah it’s a very quite place n is a very good gathering place for frens gathering as u can chit chat for veri long time…but today i went there for dinner again…the condition bcm a little bit different? this cafe has changed the management or owner? not very sure, just tat we dont really feel comfortable because the waiter was abit like “chasing” us away…when we finished our food, i stood up n went toilet, the waiter was so sensitive tot tat we want the bill already…and after awhile asked us afew times for ordering desserts…actuali we just want to sit n talk longer….so we order a dessert even we oredi felt veri full…haha…but the dessert quite nice, mango pancake n got ice cream on top 1,duno wat’s d name…hehe…

    epicuriousgirl says: the waitress also thought we wanted the bill when we stood up to go to the ladies upstairs. but they were very nice to let us loiter around upstairs…

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