Jin Hoe Cafe, Penang


Fancy some Nyonya nasi lemak? I wasn’t sure what the different between regular and Nyonya nasi lemak was hence I ventured to Jin Hoe cafe early one morning for a serving.

At first glance, this simple looking meal wasn’t anything like the nasi lemak dishes i’m used to. with only a small bowl of coconut milk scented rice, a piece of asam fish and two prawns, some cucumber and a dollop of fiery sambal, this looked more like a homecooked meal. but i could see that this was popular with the locals as the they came to buy the pre-packed takeways in

the coconut milk infused rice tasted almost like sticky rice, rich in coconut milk but not overpowering. the fish was a little on the dry side, but both it and the prawns complimented the rice well. as for the sambal belacan, it really packed quite a fiery kick. but i loved how well it tasted with the rice and fish. the cucumber slices suddenly seemed like a refreshing relief. anchovies are available upon request only.

though the Nyonya version is really different from what I expected, there’s something about the simplicity of this meal. i’m sure the locals agree as this family business has been operating for over 40 years now, from the days of father (Jimmy Lee) to son (Lee Khai Soon). Having said that, I must admit I do still prefer the original version though.

Jin Hoe Cafe
46, Jalan Cantonment, (Opp. Bandar Baru Supermarket, before turning into Jalan Pasar)

* Note: Closed on Sundays.

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  1. Tummythoz said

    Those prawns! I want those prawns. Yet to find similar ones in KL.

    epicuriousgirl says: are you from penang originally?

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