Restoran Kampung Ah Soh, Puchong

Have noticed this restaurant for some time now but have never actually stepped foot into it. The concept is interesting, but I’m even more sold into the “homecooked food” concept. They even have a mock traditional cooker area, with a few chinese rice dumplings hanging there.

They do have a nice selection of items on their menu but I wasn’t feeling particularly excited about them that day. So in the end, I chose two snacks to munch on while my eating companion chose the Village Special Noodle (台湾凳子面). When it came, I think both of us were no longer keen on trying it. Neither one of us were huge fans of the yellow noodles and we were expecting some different handmade noodles. The minced meat was quite tasty though.

taken with sony ericsson k800i
台湾凳子面 Village Special Noodle. (RM6.80)

taken with sony ericsson k800i
Hakka Yam Abacus (RM6) and Thai Style mango salad (RM4.50)

The two snacks I ordered fared better than the noodles. But the portions were a bit small for the prices charged, esp. the yam abacus. but the salad’s ingredients were quite generous (esp. the peanuts & dried cuttlefish shreds) and i thought everything tasted just right, i.e. well flavoured.

this place offers a variety of rice dumplings too. but these are not freshly made daily as they heat up the frozen dumplings upon any order. i would expect bigger portions for the prices charged but I can see that this restaurant appeals to the nearby office workers due to the decent tasting food. however, i’m in no hurry to return as I don’t remember any particular items in their menu that truly appealed to me.

Restoran Kampung Ah Soh 农圃食家
19, Jalan Puteri 1/4
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong

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  1. love the egg. =)

    the noodles portion look a lil~

    epicuriousgirl says: i think the eggs are akin to the taiwanese “tie dan” (iron eggs?).

  2. teckiee said

    maybe the yam dish requires a lot of work. have to roll the buttons one by one.

    epicuriousgirl says: it’s definitely a lot of work. just comparing the price for the portion with other eating establishments. 🙂

  3. hmm puchong definitely got alot of places to eat..well for tat kinda price, its avg bcoz nothing goes cheap..

    epicuriousgirl says: i don’t mind the price so long as the portion is in proportion to price paid ler.

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