Lorong Selamat CKT


Does the sight of this woman in her red beret-like headgear & goggles make you salivate? Her char kway teow (CKT/炒粿条) has been claimed to be one of the best by many though I don’t remember the taste as the last time I had her plate of lardy goodness was years ago. Hearing that one has to queue by her stall under the hot sun to get their own CKT was a big turn off for me. Why else would people label her as the “Diva”?

So imagine my surprise when I was driving past Lorong Selamat and saw that this lady diva has since set up shop. And they serve! Lol. The coffeeshop – Kafe Heng Huat looks spanking new. And yes there’s only CKT there… and drinks. But any other thing you crave has to be ordered from the other coffeeshop. It’s allowed, but you’re reminded to take out the bowls/plates yourself when you leave to put it outside the gate.


I suppose there’s no need for any introduction for Penang’s fried CKT – flat rice noodles stir-fried with its signature ingredients of beansprouts, chives, eggs, chinese wax sausage, succulent large prawns & cockles. Waiting time was about 20 mins, which is already considered fast by her terms. The fragrance was full of “wok hei” which was greatly enhanced by the use of charcoal fire and vast amount of cooking oil. Sure enough, the rice noodles were oily but tasted divine, esp. with the slightly charred edges to the rice noodles. Portions were small, but enough considering the liberal amount of lard & cooking oil used the grease streaked dish.


So, my verdict? Even if the diva’s CKT tastes great, there are other CKTs in Penang that are similar in taste and less oily. But if the words cholesterol doesn’t even exist for you, by all means, dig in! And don’t even bother going to the one at Sisters’. Can’t compare.

Kafe Heng Huat
Lorong Selamat,

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  1. well i guess its damn good..but over rated..and for that price..its shocking!

    epicuriousgirl says: agree it’s overrated. 😛

  2. MeiyeN said

    i remember fiance and i queue more than 30 minutes for this plate of RM 5.50 ckt haha…

    epicuriousgirl says: i have never tried queuing. rather have CKT somewhere else.

  3. wmw said

    haha…the answer to your first question would be a BIG no…hahaha, but yes, I would drool looking at that plate of CKT!

    epicuriousgirl says: lol! you’re the only one who answered that question. 😛 i wouldn’t either.

  4. I remember queueing up for the CKT long ago and enjoyed the huge prawns and lard dripping noodles. Sad the Sisters one has dropped in std as that was also one of the places to visit – sipping soy bean milk and eating yam cake while u wait for yr CKT.

    epicuriousgirl says: somehow i don’t like the yam cake at sister’s either. prefer the one at swatow lane which literally melts in one’s mouth. so no reason for me to go to that cafe anymore. 😛

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