Padang Brown Popiah


when I was younger, I loved Popiah. however when I came to west m’sia, I got quite a culture shock when I ordered popiah and it was dripping wet as the version back in my hometown had dry filling and was nicely wrapped in a plastic sheet. as men are but creatures of habit, i steered clear of this wet roll.

but when people continued raving about Penang popiah, I knew I had to try it despite my misgivings of the wet version. It’s quite easy to miss the hawker centre as it looks quite nondescript from afar. but as we walked towards to the stalls, we could see that it was a local’s favourite haunt. took us a couple of minutes to get an empty table. the popiah and the pasembur stall was a big hit with the tables around us.

still stuffed from all the hawker eats earlier i only had space for a small snack so we voted for popiah only as it’s touted to be the best in penang! the fresh spring roll is filled with stewed julienned jicama, diced beancurd and lettuce leaves. the key ingredient here is the crab stock which gives the stewed ingredients it’s essence in taste. the fresh spring roll is doused in extra gravy before being served. must admit that the crab stock does add quite a bit of oomph to this humble snack.

for one that isn’t too keen on wet spring rolls, this Penang popiah is so delectable that even I polished off everything on the plate. Sure lives up to its name of being the best.

Ong Leng Hin’s Popiah Stall
Padang Brown Hawker Centre, (Junction of Perak Road & Anson Road)
10400 Penang.
Hours : 2 – 630pm

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  1. I have a crave and love for popiah. I have “migrated” to Sabah since 1964. Each time when I returned to Penang for the holidays, two things which I would never miss, Popiah and Ayer Itam Laksa. I like the Chendol off Penang Road too. Your site about Penang makes my mouth waters.

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. teckiee said

    AHHH totally agree on the popia dripping wet part. But taste so good!

    epicuriousgirl says: ah this one taste good!

  3. wmw said

    I love popiah period. Fresh, fried, wet or dry! :o)

    epicuriousgirl says: i know what to serve you if i do see you now. lol.

  4. Love your blog layout! The dish looke mighty tasty too.

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks.

  5. Christy said

    I love popiah too!! Coz they are all vege:)
    However, I disliked this popiah I tried once in Ipoh and there was meat in it!!..Weird…:p

    epicuriousgirl says: Well, some of the popiahs do have crabmeat in them too.

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