Ong Kee, Ipoh

we made an unplanned food stop in ipoh due to the heavy rain on the highway which was making driving quite a chore. yet surprisingly, the city remained dry. malaysian weather, go figure. despite not having researched on where to eat earlier, we were quite lucky to stumble upon the 2 ipoh “nga choi gai” (芽菜雞,bean sprouts chicken) kings. Lol.

Standing at the junctions between Lou Wong and Ong Kee, it took us a moment to choose which restaurant to go to. Somehow the bigger “Lou Wong” seemed to shout “tourist trap” to me hence we ended up at Ong Kee. Lol. This is without me knowing the history and difference between these two restaurants. Decided purely based on 1st impression. 😛


The Ong Kee we went to wasn’t the air-conditioned one, but had quite a quaint, old-school feel to it. The metal stools have seated countless satisfied customers, and the mosaic tiled floor missing a few tiles due to the busy traffic. Tables and chairs have been arranged outside in preparation for the dinner crowd but we chose to sit inside instead. Lucky we did as it started to drizzle as we were nearing the end of the meal and many customers made a mad rush for whatever few empty tables inside.


The chicken, which is cooked after being immersed in hot water (which is turned off as soon as it reaches a boil) with various seasonings & ingredients tastes silky, smooth and tender. To reheat the chicken, hot soup is poured over it and quickly drained. Then, soy sauce is drizzled over the chopped chicken before being served. The soy sauce really compliments the chicken well.


The other must-have dish is of course the local bean sprouts, which is notably shorter and fatter than the ones we’re used to in KL. The bean sprouts here have been seasoned with soy sauce, pepper and a lot of spring onions, but that only added to the yum factor of the juicy and crunchy bean sprouts. I took several helpings despite normally avoiding the stuff. Lol. Well, it was really good! And people say it’s all due to the hard water of Ipoh due to the limestones.


Instead of rice, I had to have the other Ipoh famous – “Sa Hor Fun” (沙河粉) which is white, flat rice noodles. Once again, these are delectable, as they are so smooth that they glide down your throat easily. I opted for the curry gravy coz it looked so inviting! Of course I wasn’t disappointed even though I do have to admit, it’s better to have the plain soup version or plain rice to accompany the chicken, as the curry’s taste can overpower the subtle taste of the chicken.


I have always loved these meat balls. Bits of seafood (cuttlefish I think) are added inside to give it that extra flavour and the texture has such a nice bite to it. A must order everytime if I know it’s available.

My colleagues and I all thought that we were lucky to stumble upon one of the more well-known restaurants (only found out after we got back to KL) as we did enjoy the food. And actually, we also made a visit to “Lou Wong” on another stop the same weekend and must admit, I still prefer Ong Kee, as their chicken had more of silky and smooth texture, as that befitting of the Ipoh Chicken status.

Restoran Ong Kee (Tauge Ayam)
No. 48,51,53, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300, Ipoh.

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  1. citygal said

    onn kee’s food is much better than lo wong..i will usually bring my outer state fren to onn kee

    epicuriousgirl says: glad to hear that from a ipoh gal. 🙂

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