Restoran Tien Kee

Funny how SS14 a has become the hub for bak kut teh and teochew porridge in Subang Jaya. i haven’t entirely fallen in love with teochew porridge yet as i prefer the cantonese way of cooking porridge more. but slurping the steaming hot soup that is the epitome of teochew porridge, i do experience the same sense of wellbeing that most teochew porridge lovers feel.


We were heading to another regular haunt of ours in SS14 when we saw this new restaurant. As both bosses love their soupy gruel, they wanted to try this place’s offerings. Pomfret porridge (鲳鱼粥) is their specialty, and it features a whole fish. Thinking it would be too much, the fish porridge they opted for was the Parang fish porridge (西刀鱼粥). But what caught my eye was the braised duck porridge (特制鸭粥), which was actually cooked duck meat added to the rice gruel. The fish version was much better.


Apart from the porridge dishes, they offered other side dishes, mostly from the Hakka cuisine. We ordered the Hakka yam abacus (客家算盘子) and Hakka bamboo shoot dumpling (客家筍粿) to try. the yam abacus is quite good even if was a bit oily towards the bottom of the dish. Featuring cuttlefish and black wood fungus shreds, it was well flavoured.

The bamboo shoot dumpling was as described, filled to the brim with bamboo shoot and mushrooms. The skin was sticky as it was most probably made with glutinous rice flour. It tasted alright to me, just not as exciting as I thought it would. But at least they are generous with their ingredients.


Pork trotters cooked in black vinegar. Too oily for my liking.


Hakka chicken char yoke cooked with five-spice powder. It was quite bland, in my opinion.

I think the porridge and Hakka kueh are okay though the overall fare doesn’t appeal to me much. Considering that it attracted a decent crowd during lunch hour, I’m sure that a lot of people appreciate their style of homecooked fare. Even though they claim that no MSG was added, I did feel rather thirsty after the meal, probably due to the liberal use of pepper?

Restoran Tien Kee Soup & Porridge 田记特制汤粥饭店
94, Jalan SS14/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,

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  1. michy said

    nice review i dont seem to find places sellng teochew porridge ummm …

    epicuriousgirl says: come to subang, many of them here!

  2. flsam said

    Thanks for the mention here about my blog. Yours is a nice site.

    Personally, it dont appeal to me too. My friend who went there to try also complaint to me very expensive and small portion and he got to go for mamak after Tien Kee. 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for popping by. well, i’m in no hurry to return also. not my kind of comfort food.

  3. Johnson Tan said

    i wonder why do you bother to wirite and review about a restaurant if you thinks its not good enough for you??? Surely, there are enough good ones to write about unless you have mala fide intention.

    Honestly, I tried the restaurant and find food rather unique and refreshing. There are too many run of the mill TeoChew restaurant. Don’t you think you could not find most of the food anywhere else? E.g. the unqiue ikan parang porridge, braised duck mee suah, Ikan parang bitter gourd, tofu soup complemented very well with their yam and long bean rice. There are many restuarant selling Hakka Abacus but could you find one as authentic and as rich in yam as this? I would like to hear one from you.

    How about comparing their Pompret Porridge with those established restaurants selling the same fare in Atria (DJ), Pudu, Ah Koong in USJ 9? Try them out then comment again.

    If you are truly a gourmand, then you should know your stuff. I challenge you to try out again to redeem your reputation perhaps with a few others to give you a balance view.

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for taking time to leave me a comment. i do not seek to earn any monetary gains or fame in such words. nor do i proclaim to be a gourmand. i am just an ordinary girl who loves to eat. my point of creating this blog was just to share my own eating experiences, regardless of good or bad. it’s a matter of personal opinion. as you have probably heard, another man’s meat is another man’s poison. just because it doesn’t appeal to me much, i’m sure there are other people who appreciate the info that there’s such a shop in ss14.

  4. M.C said

    The price is reasonable. Nowadays many things increased. i went to this shop many time. the food is worth it. 1 bowl of porridge is enough to fill my stomach. it just cost RM7. And i saw many of them shared a bowl of porridge. it cost 3.50 per person. anyway is worth it.

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for the info. don’t think i remembered how much it cost.

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