Leong Ya (Daughter)

A friend suggested Leong Ya for dinner. When we arrived in the vicinity of the restaurant, found a few Leong Yas (operated by different siblings) but it was the Leong Ya (Daughter) that had more patrons while the others were swatting flies.


The signature dish is Paper Wrapped Chicken (纸包鸡), which is marinated chicken pieces wrapped in paper before being cooked. It can be either deep fried, steamed or baked. Their version is dripping with gravy when opened. A family recipe, the gravy (also the marinade) has a hint of ginger and chinese rice wine which really whets the appetite. My only grouse is that it was a little cold. I suppose it was prepared way in advance since business is rather good.


Yong Tau Foo is the other crowdpuller here but I wasn’t feeling like it that night. So we ordered fish. I can’t remember what style this fish is prepared in anymore but it tasted sweetish and spicy and the same. Ala Thai style but do remember it’s not cooked the Thai way. But did enjoy this dish, as it was very crispy and tasty.

We also ordered stir-fried sweet potato leaves but that was nondescript. Even though food was decent, I won’t be returning in a hurry as Seri Kembangan’s really out of the way for me. And I am sure, for most people too. But Leong Ya (Daughter) has a branch in Puchong Jaya (Jalan Kenari 23) which would be more accessible for some.

Restoran Leong Ya Indah 梁雅(女)茶餐室
26-1 to 28-1, Jalan Dagang 4,
Tmn Sg. Besi Indah SK 4,
43300 Sri Kembangan, Selangor

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  1. I did the 3 Leong Yas once – worst one was the daughter’s food, cold yong tau foo! The best one was the air cond one, then the one behind them (the deep fried fish was excellent). Weird that this one gets more business.

    epicuriousgirl says: this is the only Leong Ya I have tried and though I don’t think much of the signature Paper Wrapped Chicken, did think the fish was good. Will see about trying the other Leong Yas when I do venture as far to Seri Kembangan.

  2. must try the ytf..its not too bad as well..honestly i dun remember which leong ya i went to..but i know theres one that i always go when i go..

    epicuriousgirl says: i am not a yong tau foo convert yet. lol

  3. tankiasu said

    Oh what a coincidence, I went to this particular Leong Ya too last week. Not very impressed with their food other than the Paper Wrapped Chicken. I had mine piping hot though.

    epicuriousgirl says:Lucky you to get piping hot ones…

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