Kogetsu Japanese Restaurant, Saujana

Had dinner at the japanese restaurant at The Saujana, Kogetsu which means “overlooking the lake”. Apt name as it does indeed overlook a lake. The decor is pretty simple, with wood being the most used material. We were ushered to a seat by the window, which would have a great view of the lake if there was enough daylight.


service seemed promising to begin with, when the waiter helps us with the napkins after we’re handed the menus. the hot tea that filled my cup was tummy warming.


we started with yaki nasu (grilled aubergines with japanese yam) and agedashi tofu. the grilled aubergines were soft but the japanese yam paste was really sticky, which made the whole dish taste gooey. the accompanying sauce had quite a bit of grated ginger in it, which gave it a spicy-sweet aroma. The tofu was good though, and i loved the starchy deep-fried layer on the silky tofu.


my friend ordered the teppanyaki chicken teriyaki which wasn’t served in the conventional way with the side serving of vegetables. Instead, it has been cooked with sliced onions and was heavily buttered. didn’t taste very teriyaki in my opinion.


i ordered the tuna belly sushi, expecting to see a bit more of tuna belly. but it was more like minced tuna belly with bits of grated horseradish & spring onions rolled in sushi rice. and the sushi rice was a little soggy. bit of a disappointment for me.


we didn’t really know what else to share between the 3 of us, so we ordered Yaki Udon which is Stir fried Udon. It was prepared with various ingredients including prawns, chicken cubes, bean sprouts, onions etc. It was probably the best tasting of the lot.

overall, there are some hits and misses with the food. service was a little on the slow end. but did hear that the lunch and buffet selection is rather popular with the japanese around the area so I suppose that’s something to look out for if I’m in the area next.

Kogetsu 湖月 (www)
The Saujana,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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