Lian Heng Pan Mee

even though this coffeeshop is somewhat near to my office (5-10 mins drive), we rarely consider eating here due to the long wait time. however this time we were feeling generous, and decided to go brave it out together with the rest of the crowd. As soon as you order, you are given a cardboard with a number on it. we were coolly informed that it’s going to take more than 30 mins this time. and then the wait begins.


so whilst waiting, we can only stare at them preparing the pan mee (板麺) dough and pinching off bits into the boiling stock in the saucepan and salivate. even the chilli took a while to get to us, about 20 mins later. but i sure love this chilli padi mix of theirs which truly compliment the hand-kneaded dough bits. spicy and tangy, the green chilli’s fresh taste is accentuated by the lime’s sour kick.


approx. 40 mins after we have warmed our seats, the indonesian helper heads our way with a tray ladened with 4 bowls of pan mee. finally! ( i half expect to hear angels sing. lol) despite the clear looking broth, it’s brimming with the tasty goodness of ikan billis (anchovies) stock. Bits of cangkuk manis leaves floated next to the slices of meat, minced pork, thinly sliced mushrooms and deep-fried ikan billis which adorned the bowl of hand-kneaded “noodles”.

the “noodles” are actually pinched off this silky wet dough, which gives the pieces a unique chewy texture. as it’s hand-kneaded before being hand-pinched, it’s neither as thin or as smooth as those rolled out by a noodle-making machine, but somehow the slight thickness of the dough adds to the bite making these hand-pinched dough pieces my preferred method of preparing pan mee.

it’s apparent that the noodles are the star attraction of this coffeeshop as only two other stalls (one selling economy rice, the other coconut & sugarcane juice) share the limelight. but be prepared to wait.

Ho Kien Pan Mee
Restoran Lian Heng
22, Jalan SS19/6
Subang Jaya

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  1. I love this Pan Meen place too and the cooling sugar cane drinks is a bonus. Too bad abt the wait though.

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, too bad. i always finish my drinks even before the noodles come.

  2. tankiasu said

    Not a big fan of traditional type of Pan Mee, so nah won’t really be willing to wait so long. 😛 Might bring my parents there though.

    epicuriousgirl says: just don’t come when you’re famished. lol.

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