Pulau Tikus Dinner

Dinner was accidental at Pulau Tikus. We were actually heading towards McAlister Road to look for New Lane and the hawkers’ galore there. Yet somehow a wrong turn and some brought us to Pulau Tikus. Gladly parked my car to go out and explore the hawker stalls outside the market, opposite Sin Hup Aun Cafe.

We sat near the Lok-Lok stall which was packed with patrons. but it was the char kway teow stall that called to us. we ordered two plates, one fried with duck egg. the stall was doing brisk business and we were told the waiting time was at least 20 mins. so we ordered some grilled stingray to snack on whilst waiting.


the stingray was nicely marinated and was soft & tender. tasted great with the chilli dip given.

as for the char kway teow, it was rather good too, and not too oily. the one fried with duck egg had a wetter result, and a stronger, richer taste. but i must admit i preferred the good ole normal char kway teow.

This other fried noodles stall was also doing brisk business.

We ordered a “Sar Hor Fun” penang style and it was almost like a “wat dan hor” or Sarawak’s fried wet noodles. Quite delish.

though the food was above average, it was the iced coffee and iced cham (coffee + tea with milk) that blew my mind. made by the drinks stall called “Pong”, the coffee and cham were smooth and not too sweet. i would gladly go for seconds if i could.


as we were walking back to our car, saw an indian couple at the Sin Hup Aun cafe selling putu mayam & putu piring. remembering a post i read on handmade putu mayam (string hoppers), i approached this couple and asked them if theirs was just that. the man assured me that his was and showed me his wooden press. we bought some back to the hotel. at only rm1 per portion, we were given a very generous serving of gur (date palm sugar) and grated coconut.

the putu mayam was heavenly. tasted lightly of the coconut milk and pandan (screwpine) leaf, it was excellent accompanied by the gur and coconut. the putu piring was so-so only. but i’ll definitely get more putu mayam if I’m around the area again.

Pulau Tikus Market Evening Hawker Centre
Jalan Pasar,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 Penang

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  1. tankiasu said

    Kakaka..what a coincidence. Experienced the same thing when I was in Penang recently. Wanted to go to the town but ended up in Pulau Tikus instead. But no regrets as we still had great food that night.

    epicuriousgirl says: no regrets for me too!

  2. I’ve eaten at the Lok Lok stall b4 – pretty good stuff as one of my Penang colleagues introduced it to us. Didn’t know abt the putu mayam but they have simply fantastic eggy Indian appom in the morning.

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, lok-lok stall was packed! where’s the appom place? i love appom.

  3. This can’t be the same putu mayam fella as Robyn’s post says mornings only.

    epicuriousgirl says: i know that it’s not the same guy as Robyn’s guy sells it in the market itself. but still, the putu mayam is pretty good.

  4. Christy said

    Pulau Tikus Market?
    Ooo…I have been there….but it’s kinda hard when you share tables with strangers due to their low count of tables:p
    Anyway, I am not such a big fan of lok lok but I think there is a wide variety of other local food over there;)
    And my mum’s gonna love the putu mayam and piring!:D

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, quite a good variety.

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